Steam Holiday Sale is Here!

The annual Steam Holiday sale has begun today, and will continue until January the 3rd. Steam sales consist of a selection of daily deals, along with a handful of “Flash Sales” which cycle every 8 hours. There is also a Community Voted sale every 8 hours, which is chosen between a selection of 3 games.

Today’s daily deals (19th December) include:

  • Dishonored - $11.24 USD
  • The Stanley Parable (JTG’s Best Unknown Game) - $8.99 USD
  • Bioshock Infinite ((JTG Community Game of the Year) - $19.99 USD
  • Batman Arkham Origins - $24.99 USD
  • Dead Island - $4.99 USD
  • Space Hulk - $10.19 USD
  • Monaco - $2.99 USD
  • Asseto Corsa - $29.99 USD

You can check in on the flash sales, and Daily sales as they change here: