Steam Family Sharing Beta to Launch Next Week

Steam are about to implement what the Xbox One was originally going to do - allow families to share their libaries of games over different systems. That is exactly what Steam is doing with their Steam Family Sharing Service. The service will allow friends and family to share their steam games with each other and Valve have announced that it will enter into a limited beta next week.

By using the Steam Family Sharing, close friends and family will be able to play each others games, while at the same time earning their own separate achievements and having their own save system to the Steam cloud.

To share your games with friends and families, all they have to do is send you a request to authorize their computer. If you accept, your library of games will be available on their machine to download and play.

The Beta will only be available to a limited number of Steam users, and it is still possible to sign up. For more information regarding Steam’s Family Sharing Service, or to sign up  for the Beta, click here.