State of Decay DLC “Breakdown” expected later this month

Undead Labs have revealed their first State of Decay DLC, Breakdown, should be available by the end of October. Breakdown has been delivered to Microsoft for pre-certification testing, so providing they run into no addition problems, the DLC will be on track to release later this month. Undead Labs hope to formally enter Certification by the end of this week.

On their website, Undead Labs said, “Today I’m happy to announce that our first DLC for State of Decay, ‘Breakdown’, has been delivered to Microsoft for pre-certification testing, This means the game is content-and-feature complete, and all that remains is to squash any remaining bugs and make final tweaks to tuning and balance.”

“As we’ve said before, we like to be transparent about our plans, but things could change. Our test team could turn up some huge game-screwing design flaw next week. We might make a mistake in the packaging format and fail certification. The government shutdown could close down the internetz. Anything could happen. But, assuming no catastrophes, we plan on getting Breakdown into your hands by the end of October.”

If your wondering what Breakdown will add to State of Decay, it will add Sandbox mode. Sandbox mode will get progressively harder the longer you play. Check out this post for more information!