State of Decay Developer to Announce New Game on Monday

Undead Labs, the developers behind the highly successful Xbox Live Arcade Game, State of Decay, are to announce a new game this Monday… but it isn t a follow up to State of Decay.

In fact, Undead Labs have tweeted that the new game that they will be announcing Monday has absolutely nothing to do with Zombies. According to their Twitter feed, the new game will also have absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft, their publisher for the State of Decay franchise, though they are still very happy with their ongoing partnership for the Zombie-Survival series. This indicates that it s very likely we ll be seeing whatever game Undead Labs are to be releasing on other platforms, most likely the PC or the PS4, although the new release could simply be an iOS or Android game.

The studio also went on to ensure fans that this did not mean that the studio would be moving on from State of Decay, and that they will simply be working on more than one game at a time. We ll likely hear more on a new State of Decay release later on in the year, but for now, Undead Labs are keeping their focus on whatever they ll be announcing Monday.