Star Wars Battlefront Beta Reveals New Heroes and A Game Mode Called “Herohunt”

With the Star Wars Battlefront beta going live and available to everyone soon enough some big news for classic Battlefront fans was announced late last night. User/writer TheeUberMedic, on reddit, did some digging into the beta game files found some interesting sound bites. On his soundcloud link, found here, you can hear two different recordings of imperial voices that revolve around unannounced heroes. These recordings revolve around the officially unannounced Boba Fett, Princess Leia Organa and The Emperor.

Here the user describes how you can find the files on Battlefront if you are using the PC version of the beta “find the location of the folder which is in program files, origin games, and battlefront, click on the data folder, then the win32 folder. Once in there, there will be a file called, “” after doing some searching, opening it with notepad, I searched for heroes by clicking Ctrl+F”.

The author provides proof of each characters existence in the game along with the sound files; which can be found here.

The user also announced that he found a file relating to a “hero hunt” mode which would hopefully be similar, as it shares a similar name, to the old heroes vs. villains map mode in Battlefront 2. I can’t wait to enjoy the beta myself today and for more people like TheeUberMedic to uncover different hidden items in the game.

Here is the link to Reddit if you want to read the original post.