Sprixie on the Tennis Court-Green Sprixie in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Sprixie plays tennis

The Green Sprixie from Super Mario 3D World will be a playable character in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash . Yes, as unbelievable as it sounds, Nintendo has added her to the lineup of playable characters in the upcoming Mario Tennis game coming out November 20th 2015. Nintendo posted this announcement as a video on their YouTube Chanel today (Nov-4-15).

The video is titled “Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash - A Vacation from the Sprixie Kingdom Trailer” this is a somewhat surprising addition to the new Mario Tennis game. It’s interesting to see the new Sprixie Characters come into more games than just their first game appearance in 3D World. This particular Green colored Sprixie was the Sprixie shown at the beginning of Super Mario 3D World. This might be why Nintendo chose this particular Sprixie to join the new Mario Tennis Game Roster. The Trailer can be found in the “Source” link Below: