South Australia, Anti-gaming society New ad campaign.

An ad campaign has arisen in South Australia targeting games as a way of getting into gambling, while they may have a point with some of the games that are made, but the ads themselves have not been well received. Originally spotted by Reddit but reported on by Kotaku, the point that the ad raises is that there is a direct link in gaming and gambling and there is an argument to be made there for both for and against. The ad however uses fear tactics and is a straight up attack on gaming and the interment responded.

Reddit responded by photo-shopping the ad into a few mocking photos but a chance was missed by both sides. Now what was lost here was another chance to have a legitimate argument of the merits of games and the drawbacks. The weird part is that the internet wasn’t to blame for this loss like they were during the dragons crown incident, rather the blame is with society. We will just have to wait until another chance for us to have an interesting discussion presents itself.


Source: Kotaku