Sony Suspends PS4 Voucher Redemption to Help Stabilise PSN

Sony has suspended the option for users to redeem voucher codes on the PS4 as they attempt to stablise the network following the console’s European launch on Friday.

In a statement provided on the PlayStation Blog, Sony stated they are aware that users are experiencing issues with regards to the PSN Network and have therefore suspended the redeem voucher functionality for the time being.

“Unfortunately this means that money cards, product vouchers, PlayStation Plus vouchers, PS3-PS4 upgrade vouchers and any other vouchers for digital content are not redeemable at this stage. Other PSN features such as log-in, online multi-player gaming, PlayStation Plus trial, PS Store (excluding voucher redemption), trophies, messages, friends etc. are all available.

“We apologise and will provide an update to this announcement soon.”

Since making that statement yesterday, Sony has also said they “are making progress in identifying the source of the current PSN disruption. Currently sign up, sign in, trials, store, online gameplay, share and community functionality is available. Redeem voucher is still not open to users. Further updates will be posted later today.”

Along with the voucher redemption, which is the third PSN function taken offline to help ease the load on servers, ‘What’s New’ and ‘Content Information Screen’ were made unavailable earlier in the week as Sony expected to see a record number of players attempting to sign-in to the network following it’s launch in Europe.


Source: *PlayStation Blog