Sony suggests PS4 lifespan could be shorter than PS3

After EA suggested yesterday that they believe the lifespan of Xbox One and PS4 will be shorter than that of Xbox 360 and PS3, possibly being replaced in 5 to 6 years. Sony has also spoke about the lifespan of PS4 and suggests that the lifecycle of their next-gen console may be shorter than that of its predecessor, stating that consumers are willing to purchase new technology faster than they have previously done.

SCE UK MD Fergal Gara was speaking to Techradar about the PS4 UK’s launch, when he dropped the hint. “I think there’s reasons to believe that the next cycle might be shorter in markets such as the UK,” he said.

“It’s probably a sign of the times and how much has changed in seven years, but I think the willingness and the appetite to pick up new technology fast has probably changed quite a bit.”

It doesn’t come as a surprise however that the new generation will be shorter than the last one, given the power that PC’s are now capable of. Back when Xbox 360 and PS3 launched, they were far ahead of most PC’s with regards to gaming. Now however the tables have turned with it possible to get PC’s which are faster and more powerful than Xbox One and PS4. In only a few years time, the consoles will be supporting out-dated hardware compared to PC’s, so therefore a shorter cycle is to be expected as both Microsoft and Sony look to offer new consoles with modern hardware. The Steambox could also have a big say in what happens with this generation and beyond.


Source: *Techradar