Sony say they won’t make same mistake with PS4 as they did with PS3

With the PlayStation 4 already released in North America and coming to Europe next week, PlayStation UK has insisted that they will not make the same mistakes with PS4 as they did with PS3 when it launched.

Sony told MCV that they have already fixed two of the mistakes it made with the launch of the PS3 by launching their next-gen console, PS4, at a lower and more competitive price, as well as launching closer to its rival Xbox One. They have also put out a strong marketing campaign in the attempt to beat rivals Microsoft, by spending ‘tens of millions’ on its ‘For the Players’ campaign, which will be advertised on TV and Cinema screens from now until Christmas.

UK MD Fergal Gara stated, “The two points that were against PS3 were price and coming out late, Addressing both of those was the highest priority and that puts us in a dramatically stronger competitive position.”

“First, we want to deliver for the gamer. And then we have a corporate obligation to our shareholders. But we are competitive guys, so if doing that puts us back into a market leadership position we’ll be immensely proud.”

Gara went on to point to the recent PlayStation Memories campaign Sony launched which he says showed a clear sign from gamers that they were willing to give the PlayStation another chance.

“There’s a definite sense that gamers are welcoming us back – if you look at the views on the ‘Since 1995’ video, the reaction to the PlayStation Memories campaign, or our pre-orders, there’s a strong sense that we have found our focus.”

But despite releasing the PS4 closer to it’s competition and at a much lower price compared to Xbox One, there are still concerns over its launch line-up with Killzone: Shadowfall and Knack as the main launch titles after games such as Watch Dogs and DriveClub were delayed a few weeks ago. Compared with the launch line-up of Xbox One, it would appear that the PS4 has the more lackluster line-up. However Gara believes that the delays can still benefit the PS4 by giving it a boost next year.

“DriveClub, Uncharted and Infamous are both post-launch releases. So in terms of the content pipeline we’re in good shape, We’d have loved Watch Dogs and DriveClub at launch. However, the launch units are sold out, so it gives us a second wind as the stock situation improves.”

With the Xbox One arguably having the better line-up of first party games with titles such as Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3, that hasn’t stopped the PS4 running away with the odds to outsell the Xbox One this Christmas by the bookies. The cheaper price and consistency Sony brought with the PS4 with regards to it’s features and capabilities, along with Microsoft’s terrible start to the Xbox One announcement has undoubtedly helped their cause.


Source: *MCV