Sony PS4 hits 6 million Units Sold

Following their Japan launch, Sony has announced that their PS4 console has sold 6 million units of the hardware system.

The Sony PS4 has sold 6 million units across the span of 4 months since launch, an undeniably impressive feat and we’d of course like to congratulate Sony on their smooth and successful launch of the system. At 6 million units in 4 months, the Sony PS4 has averaged 1.5 million consoles sold per month, and with no sign of consumers losing their love of the Sony PS4, it certainly looks like we’ll be hearing about the success of the PS4 for some time to come.

However, some people have pointed at that whilst they have been hitting huge console numbers, the average game consumption per system is only 2.3. That means that whilst people are loving the hardware, they aren’t necessarily loving the games that have been hitting the console so far. Although, the PS4 does have the promise of DriveClub, Infamous: Second Son and The Order: 1886 on the horizon, so game sales should pick up for the console in the near future.