SOMA Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Friction have released an game play trailer for their up an coming spiritual successor to Amnesia the Dark Descent and it is called SOMA. although this was released awhile ago it’s worth bring up as this game is shaping up to be good, for those who have been out of the loop on what the game appears to be It takes the idea of SCP Containment breach, as in an entire organisation whose job it is secure contain and house thousands of weird and more often than not deadly occupants of the cells that make up the facility and then something escapes. It wrecks the system kills all the guard a few other SCPs escape as a result, all while you have to get out alive and to top it off the original jail breaker tries to kill you. Only this time it looks like everything and anything that could have gone wrong has. So now all of the weird and deadly creatures are now out and about running the place and you have to get through it alive.

Now if the thought of having to pass through a jail of devices and beings that have a twenty page essay on how they should be contained, and how more often than not the containment fails causing the deadly being to escape into the facility, terrifies and excites you then this may be what you are looking for. My hopes for the game is that they expand exponentially upon the idea of the containment facility first started in SCP Containment Breach.

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