Smooth McGroove – The Musical Gaming Wizard

It was a normal wet England day, when I was sat down gallivanting through Facebook looking at plain old doss, when I stumbled across a post from the Official Legend of Zelda page. They’d posted a video of what I can only describe as Gandalf in his younger years, separated into different windows making some tribute collage posted as a thumbnail. When it was titled “Song of Storms Acapella” I was instantly bought. Being a fan of video game music, I couldn’t help but jump at listening to it! I was blown away by how he harmonised with himself so nicely, while making a sneak guest appearance from his cat “Charl”.

I have since become a bit of a fan girl, checking up on him weekly to see if he’s covered any of my favourite titles. Suffice to say, he has done a few! I’ve been following him when he had a mere 1,000 followers on Facebook. He now has over 100,000 followers which just shows how far he has come. It does however make me pleased, to show that musical talent isn’t completely dead, which is reassuring after watching the MTV music video awards. He has since gone on to do guest spots in E3 2013 and do podcasts on his work. I simply cannot express what people are missing if they have never heard of him.

He’s not only done video game music, but also renditions and parodies, on such songs as “My songs know what you did in the dark”, which has been renamed to “My cat knows what you did in the dark”. He also did a fantastic cover of “Do you Realize??” by the Flaming Lips, which was actually very impressive!

So it brings me great pleasure, to introduce to you Smooth McGroove, to bask in his glory with his video below. You’ll definitely need to wear a rain coat whilst listening to this.