Simple Clash Royale Tips

Supercell’s Clash Royale has been available in America on both Apple’s iOS and Android platforms. Well, if you like intense strategic games, then there is really no reason why you shouldn#t be having fun with this one. Like any mobile game, upgrades are ideally essential when it comes to Clash Royale. However, Clash Royale is a real time strategy game as well and so, with the adequate amount of cunning, you can beat even the most powerful opponents in the field. I’ve been playing the game for quite some time now and I have picked a couple of tips that will help you play the game.

It is All about the Elixir 

As earlier mentioned, Clash Royale is a RTS game and that means it’s a resource based game. The resources in the game are basically elixir and so you ought to be making a lot of your game decisions based around that concept. If you can be able to use a four elixir spell thta will do a six elixir’s damage worth, then do not be afraid to do it. If your 5 elixir goblin hut can create more than five elixir worth of goblins, then put down. In Clash Royale, your opponent will have an equal elixir amount as you and so effectively, using your elixir is the main challenge.

Do Not Be Afraid To Wait

It may be a tense moment, especially when looking at an open field waiting for your foe to attack. It is even more tense if your enemy has some units smashing your buildings. At such times, it might seem viable to rush your troops out there to fill the void, but this is not always the best decision. In such a case, a concerted full attack that has complimentary units is usually going to be more effective and so it is better to wait for it if you can.

Do Not Be Afraid Of The Damage

Remember that in Clash Royale, you win by taking the king tower - this can be aided with Clash Royale Hacks. So perhaps, you have taken down one tower and your troops have advanced on to the foe’s king tower. At the same time, the opponent’s troops might still be working on one of your outer towers. In such as case, you should let them proceed as it means they are far farom your king tower and it will take more time for them to hit your core before you can take theirs. So, take the hits and even lose the tower, given that you are going to take the reward.

Be Mindful Of The Time

At 60 seconds, the elixir begins to fill twice as fast and things begin to become hectic. When the clock hits three minutes, the person who has more crowns wins and if you are tied, the next crown determines the win. As such, you should use everything to your advantage. Suppose you’re both working on the king tower and the match is near its end. Here, you might want to make a sneaky attack to one of the opponent’s tower to grab an extra crown. There are numerous ways to win in Clash Royale and so its imperative to be mindful about the one that makes the most sense in regards to time.

Know Your Cards

This is obvious, but it is the most important thing to keep in mind while playing the game. So, learn your cards and set the deck up to gather many sets of complementary cards. Know which units are ideal for damaging towers, know the units that are going to be quickly taken out if dropped in the wrong area and units that are better against other units.