Should You Buy Xbox one Now?

Its official Xbox one will now allow used games and will not force an online connection to play games (DRM). However you will need an internet connection to setup the console for the first time. That’s not that big of a deal though because you can tether a connection via Smartphone, which most people have. Also there will be no regional restrictions but unfortunately some features will not be able to function outside of the USA. So that makes it kind of bitter sweet of all you guys outside America. Basically, they imported the Xbox 360 rules and regulations to their next gen. sony-vs-microsoft

Most of that is explained in our article, Xbox One Myths & Rumours – What is Fact or Fiction? The real subject I’d like to tackle is, should you buy Xbox one now that they have come to their senses? There are two sides to this battle, the ones who forgive and the ones who never look back. Personally, I believe that down the road, the tables will be turned once again. I mean what’s to say the Microsoft isn’t pulling a bait and switch on the consumer? Their reputation sure doesn’t help.

Of course many Xbox fans will argue that Microsoft deserves the benefit of the doubt. The fans actually believe that Xbox changed their policies because of the gamer demand. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. What most likely happened was that corporate saw that it didn’t stand a chance against the PS4 and sent down the orders. This really shows that Microsoft is all about money, money, money. Would you really trust your hard earned money with people like that? But if even after all this you forgive Xbox, I think you should wait a little longer and see if they bring back the “Family Share” plan. I mean you waited this long, why not just a little more?

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Published by Sarosh Zuberi