Sandbox Game “Astraea” Coming To PS4 Early 2016

On the PlayStation blog this morning the developers of the “open-ended multiplayer sandbox game” called Astraea announced that it would be available in early 2016. The game allows players to play online with the objectives of building a town, making friends and running a farm. The game seems to have a very Animal Crossing feel with a mixture of a RollerCoaster Tycoon in there. You play as a character in your own town where there are other villagers to interact with, which is very Animal Crossing-y, but you also get to create your own town and manage your citizens happiness, a similar feature in RollerCoaster Tycoon just without the rides.

Some different features available are the users ability to create their own minigames when they aren’t farming or relaxing in their town. The cooperative and multiplayer element comes into play online where your friends can help you build and maintain your new town.

The game will first be shown off at The Central Canadian Comic Con on October 30th. Read the full release by the lead developer here.