SameSens – Unifying Your PC Gaming Sensitvities

Your mouse sensitivity is definitely important while playing PC Games, especially shooters! You need to be right on point with that sniper rifle, or ready to react to any flanking enemies. If this is the case, why is it that mouse sensitivities in games is so hard to keep consistent? It is one of our most important inputs while playing, and yet is different with every single game we play. This is especially troublesome for those who put a huge amount of time into learning specific games, and get well adjusted to their sensitivity on that game. Moving to other games, or even just playing leisurely can result in lackluster performance, and having to undergo the frustrating task of what seems to be relearning how to aim.

When I came up with the idea for SameSens, that was what was running through my mind. This input is so extremely important in gaming today, especially competitively, and yet its so often overlooked by developers, and made difficult to access, save, re-use etc.

SameSens aims to fill this void that has been in PC Gaming for a long time. Mouse sensitivity is one of the most important parts about our gaming setups, and yet every game engine treats it differently, along with other complications such as your mouse’s DPI setting, and your windows settings.

SameSens provides the service of automatically calculating your sensitivity for a range of different games based upon your desired movement distance. No longer will you have to adjust between different games, but instead improve even more with pinpoint consistent accuracy!”

SameSens is a small application developed by Paul Pagnan, Dale Carta and myself (Andrew Vallis). Our small team goes by the name of PAD, and we are proud to announce SameSens is our first ever piece of software that we have officially launched. It aims to fill a gap we found in our own gaming experiences, while targeting a wider audience of gamers, to allow for a far more practical way to move from game to game without ruining your hard trained muscle memory.


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SameSens is available for purchase from today, and is priced at $3. This gives you access to all future updates to the program, along with priotised responses to your problems and feedback (by emailing us at

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