Garry Newman “can’t really believe” the success of Rust

No matter where you look you’ll find a survival game for sale, however very few have curved out a success story of the likes of DayZ. However one such game which has gone beyond the expectations of it’s developer is Rust, developed by Facepunch Studios with Garry Newman at the helm who is the creator of the hugely popular Garry’s Mod. In roughly a month, Newman’s open-world survival game has made roughly 40 per cent of what GMod has since its release nine years ago. Since speaking to, Newman has  tweeted saying that the figure now stands at a rather impressive 55%.

Currently in alpha, Newman told, “We never, ever expected anything to dwarf GMod‘s success, I did some rough maths this morning: in terms of profits, from sales and royalties, in a month Rust has made about 40 per cent of what GMod has made in about nine years. We can’t really believe it.”

Garry’s Mod has sold around 4.3 million, while Rust has so far sold just over 595k. However with Rust costing quite a bit more than GMod, the royalty rate is different costing twice as much. Newman added a comment to an RPS article stating, “The 55% figure comes from royalties. Not revenue. (So after Valve has taken their cut)”

Rust has also knocked DayZ of the top selling spot on Steam, where it has sat comfortably since December 16. Speaking of the DayZ Standalone, Newman revealed that Rust has taken inspiration from the game, “We’re kind of flattered to be mentioned in the same sentence as DayZ, to be honest, because it was kind of our inspiration, it’s why we started Rust in the first place. I think it being out at the same time is probably doing us more good than if it wasn’t, though. Everyone who’s playing Day Z now is probably hearing about Rust and a lot of them are ending up playing Rust too.”

Rust is currently available to purchase on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux as part of Steam’s Early Access program. #


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