Rockstar Social Club Crew and GTA V Exclusive Features!

Rockstar have today announced exclusive features for those part of their ‘Rockstar Social Club‘ for their upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto V! And we’ve jumped in on the action to make our very own ‘JumpToGamer‘ crew in the first bastion of community gaming for the site! 

We want you! … To join our Rockstar Social Club crew and help make the first gaming community (of many, hopefully) JumpToGamer is going to establish. We want both PS3 players and X360 players to join us, so that we can all enjoy the awesome GTA Online together, coming on October 1st. This is very much open to all staff members and readers of the site, anyone really! So check it out, here! 

And what better time to join the Rockstar Social Club? Rockstar have announced that members of their Social Club will have access to exclusive features in both the Grand Theft Auto V single player mode, and the Grand Theft Auto Online mode. This includes an additional weapon, the Assault SMG to unlock. Alongside an exclusive vehicle, the Annis Elegy RH8, and haircuts for your single player characters. The Social Club also gives you access to performance tracking in GTA V, Photo Sharing and in-game discounts on Cars, Planes and ‘more’, just for signing up to the Social Club.

Rockstar have also promised more exclusive Social Club content to come, so I’d highly recommend joining if you haven’t already. This is basically free content for doing almost nothing. And we all love free content, right?