Rockstar release new GTA V screens and videos

Rockstar Games have added a number of new screens and previously unseen videos in an update to their official site. The overhaul adds a variety of different tongue-in-cheek sections, covering everything from fast cars to affordable healthcare. The site acts as a travel guide to Los Santos and Blaine County visitors, and in typical Rockstar fashion is filled to the brim with satire.

Amongst the new screenshots is a glimpse at how the infamous Ammunation stores will look, and one of the game’s three protagonists Franklin, riding what appears to be a quad bike. The new videos include a first-look at fictional in-game TV show Kung Fu Rainbow Lazer Force and a preview of TV station CNT’s fall line up. It’s a minor update that tells us little that we didn’t already know about the game, but still serves to make the wait until September 17th all the more unbearable.

For all of this and more, check out the official GTA V website.