Sonic Lost Worlds ReviewSonic Lost Worlds Review

Sonic Lost Worlds Review

Where to begin….What a game! I have been waiting anxiously for this release and have even purchased a Nintendo Wii U solely for this game (As there are very few attractive tittles out at the moment – no unique Mario or The Legend of Zelda Game, which is kind of odd…); this is how strong my love for Sonic and SEGA is.

Sonic has traversed many genres to little success, but his biggest kryptonite seems to be 3D. There have been an abundant of 3D Sonic games that have had little consistency in regards to quality; the chart is up and down more than Yamcha! To me, the best 3D Sonic game before Lost Worlds would have to be Generations; this was a masterpiece for the blue needle-mouse’s 20th birthday, a perfect mixture of 2D & 3D, platforming & speed. But the problems still arise as there is little platforming in 3D Sonics levels.

I’ve found myself wide awake at night staring at the ceiling, running the previous catastrophe’s that stared my blue hero and praying that the Sonic Team did not repeat the mistakes. High speed hi-jinks and platforming do not go well, period. But how do we convert the superstar of the 90’s to the new era of 3D gaming? I think Sonic Team can finally sigh with relief and put this on their CV’s!


Sonic Lost Worlds is the latest in a long line of Sonic games, stretching back to 1991, the unique thing about Lost Worlds is the fact that this is the first one console game since Sonic Adventure in 1998, no pressure Sonic Team!

The game sees Sonic & Tails pursuing Dr. Robotnik (Eggman) through the clouds, attempting to save the critters in his clasp. Unfortunately, the Tornado (Tails’ plane) takes a hit from Eggman and has to carry out an emergency landing. Upon attempting the landing our hero’s spot a floating, hollow planet which Tails informs the player as ‘The Lost Hex’. Upon landing Sonic is quickly back to the mission of saving his little furry friends, but is pursued by various members of the Deadly Six, a gang of peculiar looking creatures that are being controlled by Eggman (See my previous article for description on the Deadly Six).


For a console famed for its motion-sensor controls, a Sonic game is always going to be a challenge, but the Wii U game pad makes the handling seem natural. The first world, Windy Hill Zone, is very reminiscent of the classic Green Hill Zone but with a Mario Galaxy twist, the gravity is very peculiar and enables you to walk/run all the way around each platform without falling off (I’m sure Mario gave his approval…). Now the general control of Sonic has been adjusted, he can jog by holding down the joystick or he can sprint with the aid of the right shoulder button. Another new move is a Sonic-Kick, instead of just your normal homing attack Sonic can launch enemies into the distance very Ronaldo-esque, this is mainly used on tougher enemies that the homing attack wont scratch.

Overall I think that the new attacks add a bit of variety and make you think (A little) and the difference in movement allows for 3D platforming to be included that doesn’t suck. It enables for the perfect mix. The game-play also swaps between classic 2D and 3D sections to add a bit of nostalgia.

A big improvement to this Sonic game is the fact he can grab onto ledges if you fall a bugs d*ck away from the edge! Sonic can also run up walls with the right momentum using the fabulous new Parkour system, this adds to the exploration of The Lost Hex.

For a more in depth look at the new additions again, read my previous Sonic: Lost Worlds article

Presentation & Audio

As usual with a Sonic game, it is bright, colourful and full of detail, the graphics are very good and the real life movement (Of a cartoon hedgehog…I know) are pretty cool, his spikes bounce up and down with movement. Each level is a joy to view, perfectly presented. The game-play music as always is enjoyable, upbeat and has a lovely feel to it.

The cut scenes have been improved too, the characters actually look at each other and Sonic’s iris & pupils don’t go through the side of his eye like in previous games, vocals are in sync, like I said above overall, perfectly presented.



In Game Bugs

I have not experienced any bugs and I am near the end of the game, I can safely say that this is looking like the perfect Sonic game!


It’s ironic that Sonic, Nintendo’s long standing rival is going to save the Wii U, I do not understand the marketing scheme so far as there have been minimal big name releases for the Wii U, no The Legend of Zelda (Unique & new), no Super Mario, no Smash Bros, etc. It seems a little odd, take myself for example I have waited since the Wii U’s release in November 2012, a year ago, for an appealing game, one that made me want the console. I think there should be a thank you card in the post from Mario when Super Mario 3D World is released.


Back to the game, I have and am currently, thoroughly enjoying this game, there is loads of replay value as there are many routes through each level thanks to the massively improved platforming side of the game. I can hands down swear that anyone who plays this game will enjoy it like I have, regardless of if you have scars from the previous 3D Sonic titles or if you a new gamer looking for something decent to play on the Wii U.

Clearly I am a massive Sonic The Hedgehog fan but I will slate when required, I don’t let my love for Mr. Needlemouse get in the way when playing new titles, and I am being honest now, buy it I guarantee you will enjoy!