Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 ReviewSniper Ghost Warrior 2 Review

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Review

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is a first-person shooter and is the sequel to the first Sniper Ghost Warrior. The game sees you play as Captain Cole Anderson as you complete various different missions around the globe, in locations such as  Sarajevo, Burma and Tibet.Sniper Ghost Warrior focues on being a sniper, with stealth and hand-to-hand combat playing a major role. It has been designed to be as realistic as possible, featuring bullet physics that factors distance, wind, and bullet drop when sniping targets.

While the environments you find yourself fighting in does look good, there is no doubt that graphically it could be better, especially considering it uses the same engine as Crysis 3. But it is still nonetheless an easy on the eye game. Zooming in at large distances however, especially in the Burmese jungle does look very satisfying. Character models look realistic and lifelike, which helps adds to the experience.

Game-play involves you having to sneaking past enemies, eliminating guards and enemy snipers and covering your AI counterparts. The campaign features 3 Acts with 3 missions, giving a total of 9 missions to play through. The Campaign gives you roughly 5-6 hours of game-play, depending on how quickly you fly through the missions. I was disappointed with how short the campaign was, as they could of added in more missions, or made each one longer, and unfortunately, I felt they got repetitive very quickly. The missions follow the same kind of structure and usually result in you having to eliminate Target X. For anyone who finds the campaign to easy or quick, I suggest trying it on hard difficulty, hopefully that should prolong your campaign somewhat.

Since it is a game focused heavily on sniping, I was pleased to find that the sniping mechanics have been well implemented. When zooming in, the game takes in the wind direction, heartbeat rate and distance which all determine whether you will hit or miss your target. Your character also comes equipped with a host of other items such as a knife, used for silent take-downs along with your silenced pistol.

The AI in Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 are stupid to say the least. It’s a real let down to not have smart AI who don’t even seem capable of firing a gun most of the times. When enemies get alerted of your presence, you either find them all rushing your position, which can be very frustrating, or they all go in hiding, without even attempting to shoot themselves out of the cover. They don’t wok together and just simply seem to wait for you to kill them. If you really wanted to, you don’t even have to use your sniper rifle, which is a real shame considering it’s a “Sniper” game.

If there is one good thing which has come out of the game, it is the bullet cam which has been introduced. It is activated when you kill the last enemy in the area, showing you the bullet fly through the air as it heads to its target. Its satisfying to see the bullet rip through the enemy thanks to this cam. It can be disabled if anyone finds this an annoying feature to have.

Multiplayer is extremely poor, if you can even find a game to play. It would appear that it has just been thrown in there for good measure, with only one game mode available, Team death-match and two maps to play on.


Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is not the worst game out there, but it’s average at best. If you are looking for a massive improvement over the first game, then you will be left disappointed. Despite having good sniping mechanics, the terrible AI prevent it from being a realistic sniper simulation.

Fortunately, it is cheaper than most new games. But for what you get, I still don’t think its worth the price. Multiplayer is a no go, and you will probably have completed the campaign within one play session. It had potential to be a good sequel, but ultimately, it hasn’t delivered. It’s not a bad game, but is neither brilliant.

Published by Stephen Jackson 18/03/2013

Reviewed on Xbox 360