Snailboy ReviewSnailboy Review

Snailboy Review

Snailboy is a puzzle game for Android and iOS developed by Thoopid. The story (which is the whole game) follows the quest of a snail called Snailboy through his quest to find the perfect shell. However, he’s had his shell-pack stolen by the Sneaky Shadow Gang. Your job is to help Snailboy get his shells back!

However, there’s no story, not as far as I know anyway. I had to look at the game on the app store to get that little bit of info. I didn’t care about Snailboy’s quest, I wasn’t interested in it. I wish I could say more about the story, but there isn’t anything else to say about it.

But from an iOS game, I don’t expect an amazing story. I expect fun gameplay, that you can play in quick chunks when you have the time to play a few minutes, and it definitely delivers in that aspect. I played it on the bus going to and from college, and it was a really fun way just to fill up 15 minutes of my time instead of just staring out the window on the bus. It has fun gameplay mechanics, which have you performing different actions to do different things. You slowly slide your finger back to get Snailboy to jump, you slide your finger to have him move across the floor, and you tap to get him to stick to sticky substances on the side of trees and plants. The only downside is that there are 45 levels, and it does start to get a bit repetitive after a while.

That’s gameplay covered, which moves us on to graphics. The first time I loaded up the game, I was stunned by the quality of graphics. For an iOS game, they are fantastic. I can’t remember the last time I was that blown away by an iOS games graphics. Granted, I don’t play a lot of iOS games, so there might be many games out there that have better graphics, but to me they’re fantastic.

All in all, Snailboy is a fun game, that you can play in small chunks when you’re bored, and that’s what you want from a game that is on a mobile device, you want short chunks of fun. What more can you ask for? Well, a decent story. But apart from that, it is a good game and I would recommend a buy.