Remember Me ReviewRemember Me Review

Remember Me Review

Overview and Story

After a bad year for Capcom I was quite surprised to see a new franchise being brought to the table. Remember Me is an Action-adventure and brings all different aspects in this game. Those aspects being; climbing, exploring, combat, puzzle solving and a unique feature remixing memories.

You play as Nilin a memory hunter or also known as an errorist, who has been captured by a company called Memorize. This company’s reason for being is to erase the bad memories of people however they hold a much darker reason. They take their subjects and erase their memories and replace them with “foreign memories.” Due to not owning these memories the subjects become almost vegetables and are unable to think for themselves. Back to Nilin, she is forced to walk to a line of new subjects…the line that leads to a machine that will suck all memories of that particular person. However Nilin had already been stripped of most of her memories before she was captured and taken to Memorize. As it gets closer to her turn she receives a message from a mysterious man named “Edge” who claims to be a memory hunter, your boss and friend. He is able to override the power of the building and open a shutter for Nilin to escape. Through pure desperation she accepts and decides to try to escape. As Nilin tries to escape she come along side a robot that is not online but at a blink of an eye Zorn (The robot) boots up and tries to capture and kill Nilin as she is an escapee. Barely escaping, Nilin eventually comes to a machine that seals coffins and shoots them into which seems like an abyss. When you escape you come across a being that you have not encountered before since you lost your memories, these beings as known as leapers, subjects who lost their memories but mutated into these monsters. Now she has escaped it is her destiny to regain any lost memories and to destroy Memorize.

Environment and Characters

Remember Me takes place in Neo Paris. A futuristic version of the French capital and it is truly beautiful; the city is split into two sections, the dump and run down areas for leapers and memory hunters due to their reputation with the law. Then you have the more beautiful side where everything is clean and all looks peaceful. Due to being in a futuristic city there are also robots who lurk around in the run down areas and robots who are personal assistants for humans, cleans or just information robots, Remember Me definitely doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to detail for these areas.

Now we get on to the characters, there are not too many characters in this game as it purely revolves around Nilin, and because of that Nilin is the only character you will care for and “remember” whenever the game gets mentioned. This method didn’t turn out too bad, I love Nilin and what she stands for and she is an amazing character whereas the other characters I did not care for. Nilin is the innocent but also bad ass character who is afraid at some points but is always ready for anything that comes her way. The next character we have is “Edge,” you don’t see any of him until the very end of the story and you come to realise what his actual purpose is for helping Nilin. He is a very chilled out character until it comes to Memorize as he wants to destroy the company because of all the evil they have spread, he’s mysterious in all different ways and you should watch out for the ending!

We next have “Bad Request.” He is a weird character, he has a really weird hair cut and turns out he’s Nilin’s biggest fan so he helps you out through some parts of your adventure/mission and unfortunately he gets captured by Memorize and you are forced to see what pain was inflicted upon him which is only a little disheartening due to only seeing projections of it. Overall Remember Me doesn’t have too many great characters apart from Nilin but as you get further into the story you get used to it and left only to love Nilin more.


Remember Me brings many features into this game; first we have combat/melee. This is one of the reasons why the game gets turned away or called a bad game and I agree. The combo list consists of only four combos, yes only four and you only acquire all these combos as you progress through the game so you find yourself pulling the same combo for a long time. Another reason why the combo system is bad is due to the lack of difficulty making these combos work. The highest combo you can pull off is an eight hit combo and this is following a sequence of buttons you must press to let out this combo (Triangle X3 Square X4 Triangle). There is no difficulty pulling this combo off and this is meant to be the hardest combo.

There is one good feature about the combo system, you are provided with a customisable pressen system, pressens consist of four types; extra damage, health regeneration, cool down for super power moves and link pressens which increases the amount of the previous pressens. This was a different experience being able to choose if I want a powerful combo, and health combo or just mixing them all up to help benefit the player and this is what almost saves the combo system. Finally we have the super powers, they are nothing special due to you having to progress through the game in order to acquire all of them and some of them can’t be used against all enemies. The combo system definitely needs to be taken back to the drawing board if they want this game to be considered a great game to all.

Onto climbing and exploring in the game, it almost seems pretty obvious that they were trying to copy the Uncharted series when it came to climbing and exploring in this game. The game moves like an Uncharted game but Remember Me it makes it look so clumsy, the camera angle can get out-of-place so you can’t see Nilin. Sometimes Nilin won’t climb or jump in the direction you wanted which causes a lot of deaths even though you are certain you are going the right way.

Next we have exploring, again like the climbing they seem to copy Uncharted and it doesn’t stack up to well, unlike Uncharted, you explore an area and you may find a collectible however you are forced to go back the way you came in order to progress through the game instead of leading you another way through the level. It is unfortunate that this game has many problems with the climbing and exploring and can’t be over looked due to its consistency of going wrong, again needs work to be done.

Now we have the puzzle solving which doesn’t require much knowledge of anything, I believe there was only three puzzles in the whole game so there isn’t much to say apart from we needed more puzzles, the puzzles just require you to guess numbers based off a projection’s riddle which turns out easier than expected, the next puzzle requires you to remember one fact about the company Memorize, and the third puzzle requires you to just mess around with some options and that’s it.

The puzzles were quite poor and all of them are near the end of the game, why put puzzles in if they are only at the end of the game, if you want puzzles in your game then have them throughout, so this was another poor feature of the game. Finally we get to the final feature, remixing other people’s memories to Nilin’s advantage. This was another unique feature in the game, the game makes up for itself because of this feature but only in some ways. Nilin is the only person who is able to “remix” the memories of people and not rip them of their memories. The sole purpose of this feature is so Nilin can stop herself from being killed or being blamed for something Nilin shouldn’t have been blamed for. The positive thing about this feature is that you have never been able to do something like this; I was changing anything I had been giving the option to. I was changing vaccines for patients; I was changing the safety locks on guns and many other features, however this is where the positive ends, throughout the whole game you are only able to perform four remixes which was too little and there should have been more to do. Indeed it is a great feature but I believe they should have expanded upon this feature.


To conclude this review, this game is great if you can get past all its flaws and enjoy it for its positive features, however due to so many negative points it gets turned down by many people and not considered a great game and won’t be remembered for the amazing idea and ambition Capcom had. It definitely needs work but has the potential to be a great game.