Razer Diamondback and Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma Review

by on November 19, 2015

The quality can be felt throughout.
The spectrum of colours are mesmerizing to look at.
Razer's Synapse app makes everything customisable.



Bottom Line

Hand in hand, the Diamondback and Blackwidow are perfect together. Not only do they make your desktop look beautiful with their decorative illuminations which would give Blackpool a run for its money, but they make your PC gaming simpler thanks to the downloadable free Razer Synapse PC app. Yep they are pricey items but there is a lot of bang for your buck.


Razer is formidable in the world of gaming. This small team has grew into something of a phenomenon, more so with PC gamers as their range of gaming mice, keyboards and headsets are extensive. I had the pleasure to try out and give my opinion on Razer’s Diamondback gaming mouse and the Blackwidow Tournament Edition keyboard. Quite simply a match made in PC gaming heaven. Granted Razer products are not particularly ideal for gamers on a budget but there is no denying the pure excellence of the quality of their products.


I cant stop looking at these things. When i received them, the images on the front of the Diamondback and Blackwidow TE show a black mouse and keyboard brightly lit in a spectrum of bold colours on the outer edge of the mouse and in between the keyboard. I initially thought that it was just for show. A tactic to make the products more attractive to buyers. I was wrong. All the bells and whistles with the colour were accurate. I plugged in the Diamondback and Blackwidow TE via USB, the Blackwidow via detachable mini USB i might add and i was in awe. The Diamondback lit up. Around the edge and the Razer logo illuminated like the Coca Cola truck on that Christmas advert, it was a beautiful sight to behold albeit a little mesmerizing. Not long after, the Blackwidow done the same thing. The same spectrum of colours highlighted between the keys. I couldnt take my eyes off them.

Thankfully, the colours can be changed. All it takes is the download of Razer’s Synapse app onto your computer and you can alter the look and feel of your products. It was so easy to use. The Diamondback’s 16,000 DPI 5G laser sensor captures my every move without a hitch. Within Synapse i could alter the sensitivity of it to make my slightest moves more enhanced. Playing Heroes of the Storm, this helped a lot. I could quickly move my character out of harms way at the slightest movement of my wrist. It saved my skin many times. As did the lushious feel of the Blackwidow’s keys which have a special mechanical switch design. This made the keys feel more responsive with zero delay and satisfying to press giving off a click sound that oozes quality.


The Blackwidow is a compact size with a width of just short of 15 inches wide and it comes with its very own carry case so you can take it to any event or competitions (Dota 2 anyone?). The size also makes the keys easier to find without moving your hands around too much. This plus the colours which illuminate the letters and numbers too means you’ll be speed typing in no time.

The Razer Synapse app allowed me to program each key with its own macro recording. This made my gaming experience better and easier than i was used to. Change weapons with a key press that more convenient to you or use that health potion without looking for the right key. It could mean more success in the most difficult of games.