Rayman Legends ReviewRayman Legends Review

Rayman Legends Review

Overview and Story

Here we are again on an adventure with our limbless protagonist Rayman, and this time the adventure is bigger and better! Rayman Legends is the sequel to the amazing Rayman Origins and expands on this winning formula. Due to a 100 year nap the Glade of Dreams is in trouble…and this time there are new legendary monsters. Now it is up to Rayman, Globox, and getting some help from Murfy to stop this evil and return the Glade of Dreams to the original dreamy self.

Environment and Characters

Like Rayman Origins, Legends keeps the simplistic 2D look that made Rayman such a beautiful and well known game for the original PlayStation 1, however they have added some 3D features which don’t change gameplay but makes the game look even better. This is a great example of the gaming industry listening to the gamers and making more games that we know and love the way we want them, and Rayman Legends strikes this one on the head. All the environments are bright and colourful to keep the gamer interested, but not over the top so you don’t forget about the game. All the different worlds don’t look similar to each other so each have their own unique feel and look to them. The first world “Teensies in Trouble” is the tutorial world so you get a grip with how the game works and plays, but they don’t hold anything back which made it such a great opening. Next we have “Toad Story” which is the mystic swamp world which has amazing platforming and the enemies and boss were truly made with passion and thought…wonderful! The third world is “Fiesta de los Muertos” the famous 2D Mexican theme that we have come to love through the last two games, definitely amazing how they have expanded upon the theme and if they make a third installment there will be no complaints if they add this theme again.

Next is “20,000 Thousand Lums Under the Sea” and as you can see from the name it is the underwater themed world, personally I enjoyed this world the least as the enemies can be so unpredictable and it’s not platforming, but it’s just an opinion so there isn’t a flaw in this world either. The final world is “Olympus Maximus” the Greek mythology world, this is the hardest world of the five and it holds some horrible enemies; there are dragons, flying red beasts, and little fluffy enemies who follow your every move and they travel in packs. However it is a blast to play and overcome these monsters and gaining the rewarding feeling of completing this world. Now we have the extra worlds, at the end of the five worlds there are musical levels, you must complete a running level and as you run a beat starts and in the end it becomes a full song.

This idea blew my mind and left me playing some of the levels over and over again, but there is a world that holds all these musical levels but in 8-bit form; meaning the music is 8-bit and the game plays like you’re using an old AV television, this makes the levels harder and more fun to play, a true retro experience and I recommend it to anyone. You would think after all these worlds and levels that you would be finished with the game, but you’d be wrong. Rayman Legends lets you play all the original Rayman Origins levels and unlike most companies they have made them free! Yes free, it is like having two games in one and the gamers get to experience the game where this modern winning formula began, still beautiful environments and definitely fun. Overall the environments are amazing and very well thought of so kudos to Ubisoft for publishing this treasure.

Now onto the characters; first we have Rayman who has not aged a bit since the first Rayman instalment, he still has all the moves and then some. Next there’s Globox, Rayman’s best friend and is always happy to help but gets scared easily, Globox uses a weird way to move and play. For example in order to stay afloat like Rayman he waves his arms really fast like in cartoons and can be quite amusing. There are two different Teensies you can play as but there is a painting you jump into so you can play as different variations of the four characters…so in the long run you have roughly 15 characters to play as but as you progress through the story you must save the princesses and once you save them you can also play as them so that add another ten characters to play as in the roster. Overall there are many fun characters to play as and its fun playing as all of them, definitely a brilliant idea

Game Modes

This game brings different modes to the table and all of them are fun, first you have the story mode which was spoken about earlier in the review, also you have the back to origins mode which has the Rayman Origins levels as spoken about earlier in the review. Next we have the “Daily Challenge” mode, every day two challenges are opened publicly for the player to try and achieve the best score, best time or furthest distance and be ranked in against everyone else’s score. Alongside the two daily challenges there are two weekly challenges as well to give people variety which is an excellent idea but there are some negative features for this online mode, the servers are very unreliable and do not work all the time so this brings the overall score down. Also the challenges are too similar and very repetitive so you’re left doing the same thing every day or every other day. There is one final mode, it is called “Kung Foot” this mode is a football game where you go against a friend to score as many goals as possible, basically it is a Rayman based football game but it isn’t as bad as it sounds. It is an amazing fun little mode, so far I have spent hours playing this game against friends and it is always provide that fun factor that you look for in a mini game and this is a great decision by Ubisoft. Overall Rayman Legends has a wide variety of modes and countless hours of fun, I will truly remember this game even if we get more Rayman instalments because there are little flaws for the game modes.


We are on to the gameplay and this installment does not disappoint, the game runs smoothly even during the fast musical levels, running away from enemy sections and even better the online gameplay plays smoothly so Ubisoft nailed it! You can play up to four players at a time to run through the story levels, Back to Origins levels and Kung Foot, but it stops there with offline gaming. The game would have been much better if you could play with people around the world running through these wonderful levels instead of just competing with people to get the highest score. If Ubisoft decides to make a third installment of this design I would truly recommend them to make a co-op mode so you can play with your friends online instead of waiting for people to play with offline. This negative is probably the biggest flaw of the game but doesn’t affect the game too much so it won’t get marked down too low.


To conclude my review Rayman Legends didn’t hold anything back and the end result was amazing and I can hardly flaw this game. Ubisoft truly blessed us with a future classic and I am looking forward to future games from them but hope they don’t milk the game.