Pikmin 3 Quick ReviewPikmin 3 Quick Review

Pikmin 3 Quick Review

Nintendo has finally released Pikmin 3, with it’s original release set for May. The game has three new characters, Alph the engineer, Brittany the botanist, and Charlie, who is the captain of the ship. It’s great that each one has a specialty or job with them, making each character unique in their own right. Olimar also features in Pikman 3, making another appearance in the series. However he is not playable during the story.

The story of the game involves three “chosen ones” from the planet Koppai, who are designated with the task of collecting fruit for their home planet to prevent them from starving out of existence. A crash landing occurs on a foreign planet, resulting in the three “chosen ones” being separated from each other. At the start of the game, you start off playing as Charlie (The Captain of the ship) and must defend yellow Pikmin. After completing this, you enter into a cave and discover a somewhat interesting creature. You then switch over to Alph as he tries to find Brittany and reunite the crew.

In the game there are 4 new Pikmin. These are Rock Pikmin, the flying Pink Pikmin, a special poison Pikmin, and a Purple Pikmin which has the strength of 10 Pikmin combined. The poison Pikmin was an interesting idea from the developers, one which added another element to the gameplay to keep it fresh. The onions are back, and when you have more than two types of Pikmin, they can combine together when the day is over which is a brilliant feature.

Gameplay is a mix of Strategy and Puzzle, with the player needing to gather and grow various different Pikmin to suit their needs in order to complete the missions and that level. Visually Pikmin 3 is beautiful and by allowing us the freedom to explore this planet at will, you truly get a chance to admire this environment. From Caves, to rivers to forests, it’s a visual experience. The enemies who you must fight in order to get your fruit have a nice variety about them, with most battles always offering something new and different. With multiple ways to complete a task, the choice really is in your hands.

I found that Pikmin 3 was a very good game, in the sense that they introduced 4 new Pikmin to the series and used them in different ways. Pikmin 3 is a much appreciated entry into the series, offering new enemies and Pikmin to play around with, add to that some great gameplay and beautiful visuals, you have a great game on a console which really does need a boost.