Loadout reviewLoadout review

Loadout review

The recently released 3rd person indie, multiplayer shooter game, load out has shocked a lot of people with it being so addictive and quite humorous if I might say so myself. The point of the game is mainly to be creative with your weaponry and in-game killing, and to have fun. It’s the kind of game that you sit at your screen all night, and gagging for breath because you just cant stop laughing, I make sure that when I play it, I record every minute of it as you really don’t know what someone is going to blow you a up with or what you could do to someone next.

From ice guns to fireball shooting mini-guns, this game really does have it all when it comes to imaginative ways to shoot people, my favourite combination is an electric mini-gun with a red dot sight so you have some sort of direction when shooting, but don’t copy me, there are millions of combinations that you can make in the game, you feel kind of spoilt.

At the moment they only have four game types but they are working on a few more, the first being control point blitz, bit self-explanatory, it’s basically where you and your team push to hold a control point to earn points and XP. The next one is death snatch, this is basically kill confirmed from call of duty, so when you kill someone you pick up a dropped item(refined blutonium vials) to get points for your team, and if you pick up your teams, then that prevents the other team from getting a point at all. The next one is extraction, this is where there is one person on the team that is selected to collect blutonium and you must deliver them to bins around the map, but the twist is that the blutonium will explode when shot at or miss handled, the responsibility to collect the blutonium is passed across the members of the team. The last one is jackhammer and this has been described to be capture the flag but with a twist, you collect the hammer and take it back to your base, but the hammer is also a melee weapon, and can be used to collect a lot of points before you take it back to your base.

As well as being creative with your weapons, you can also personalize your character, it is called the outfitter, and this is where you’ll be able to purchase new items of clothing and make your character look as intimidating or as funny as you want, the customization varies from customizing your shirts, trousers, shoes, head-gear and facial hair, you can even give your character tattoos and make him look even more intimidating.

But that’s it about telling you about the game, go out and get it and see if you will love the game as much as I do, I will be surprised if you don’t. I would rate this game 8/10 mainly because I would like a few more customization options to make my character more unique, and I would like to see more game modes, but that’s not enough to put you off he game.

When I got this game it was free to play, but sadly on steam they have made the price of the game £6.99, but I would still pay that for it. Download it here - http://store.steampowered.com/app/208090/