A review of the wonderfully different, Little InfernoA review of the wonderfully different, Little Inferno

A review of the wonderfully different, Little Inferno

Little Inferno is an indie title created by Tomorrow Corporation (creators of World of Goo) released in 2012. It first appeared on our shelves as a downloadable title for the WiiU and Windows, it then went on to release a version for OS X via Steam and the developer’s website. A Linux version has been released on the developer’s website, a Steam release is planned to follow. The iPad version was released to the App Store on February 1, 2013.

The game is simply set in-front of a fireplace, but this isn’t any old fireplace. This is your “Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace,”. The fireplace was designed to burn old toys, games, teddies and just about anything else you can get your hands on. This was to battle the climate change the world within the game was experiencing. In order for people to stay alive they must stay warm and that’s why everyone burns things inside an Entertainment Fireplace.

The game itself is impossible to lose at, as there is no points scheme, no leaderboards, and no time limits. Just simply play and have fun. Every time you set alight something and burn it you get some coins and its always enough to continue playing. Players buy from the different catalogs, wait for the delivery and then you can burn it. If for some strange reason you run out of coins, spiders are there to help as each spider you kill will give you a coin each. I think that’s partly the reason I like this game so much, that and the obvious fact that you can BURN THINGS! The game itself is simple to understand as there is only one step, burn things. However if you do want something else to do you can try your hand at completing the goals. The goals are tasks which will require you to burn things together or in a specific order and once completed you get some coins as a reward.

I first saw some gameplay of this game and thought how boring, but I was interested enough to download it and see what it really was like. I was so glad I bought it as straight away I was hooked, such a simple idea was somehow portrayed in such an excellent way that I couldn’t stop playing. I loved the games physics and playing around with the objects is very fun, the Moon in particular. If you don’t know the moon is an item you can buy from the catalog shop, however the difference is it doesn’t have a weight so you can place it anywhere your heart desires and it also has its own gravitational pull.

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Although the game has no multiplayer, you don’t need it in this game, not that I know how you could even implement it. This game is a great game to just relax with, and as much as I like my fast-paced MMO’s, now and again I do enjoy a game such as Little Inferno. The artwork is very unusual and I’m seeing that more and more indie games are going for artwork and graphics which look a little twisted and dark.

While playing the game there are certain moments where it can become quite twisted, moments like when you set fire to a bus-load of kids or singe a screaming marshmallow. Either way you soon forget that as the amusement quickly returns. The shop has many catalogs to choose from and each catalog has many items to choose from. Items do different things, some simply burn and are inanimate objects. Others however appear to be alive despite the fact they call it a Teddy or a Plushie.

I was a massive fan of World of Goo so I knew this would be pretty good, I just didn’t know how good. A truly amazing achievement and a joy to play. If only more developers were brave enough to make a game so simple, we might have more gems like this. Well done Tomorrow Corporation, it’s a great game!

Remember kids, fire can be warm…