LEGO Marvel Super Heroes ReviewLEGO Marvel Super Heroes Review

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Review

With great power, comes great responsibility….and plenty of fun to be had. Traveler’s Tales and WB Games steps up to the plate again with another LEGO title pitting heroes against villains within the Marvel universe with LEGO Marvel Superheroes.

The reputation of LEGO games holds its own with movie-based titles and even within the DC Comics universe, but can the superheroes of Marvel surpass what DC did?

This go around, popular Marvel staples like Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four team together to take on the villainous Dr. Victor Von Doom and his army of villains that range from Loki, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman and Juggernaut, amongst many others. Doom looks to destroy the superheroes with his Doom Ray of Doom by collecting the scattered cosmic bricks made by Silver Surfer’s surfboard that shattered.



New York City looks almost realistic as TT Games took a lot of detail from the Marvel Comics universe and placed it within the tiny, but powerful and iconic LEGO experience.

Many faithful trademarks, both of NYC and of the Marvel Universe were designed and designed with excellent accuracy. Some include The Baxter Building, Stark Tower, The Daily Bugle, Asgard, and the X-Mansion, and even the S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier, which is where one of the core hubs of the game takes place in.

While it being a LEGO game, the superheroes and villains themselves were designed with the utmost of precision, even down to the little blocky details of Spider-Man’s spider symbol, and Iron Man’s various suits.


Another concept TT Games recently implemented in its games is voice acting, which had never been seen in LEGO games up until LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. With that success, TT Games decided to move forward with voice acting, and within this title, it succeeds yet again. It succeeds on not only a nostalgic level of The Thing’s famous saying “It’s clobberin’ time” to Hulk’s hilarity and puns. It almost sounds like the actual voice actors that played the heroes in various mediums like films and cartoons are present here and adds to the fun factor.


The gameplay of a LEGO game should be familiar to players of previous LEGO games, but if you’re a novice LEGO gamer, there’s only one rule in the LEGO video game universe: destroy everything and anything. LEGO games encourage players to have fun and destroy anything and everything within sight to collect studs of various colors, which comes as the game’s currency, which enables players the ability to buy things like vehicles and extra characters that aren’t found within the main game.

Another unique factor that’s similar to LEGO Batman 2 is the various super powers that every hero and villain have. For example, Wolverine can climb certain areas with his claws and use his claws to dig certain areas for goodies. Spider-Man has his classic spider-sense, which points out key elements and objects when using him and will emit a blue and red screen when his spider-sense is used. Another example is Jean Grey’s mind control. While it’s similar to Riddler’s mind control, it allows her to manipulate NPCs to access certain switches for her.


Not leaving out the villains, bad guys like Magneto also have some interesting powers. For instance, Magneto has magnetic abilities, which allows him powers similar to DC’s Cyborg, and comes into play in the extra side mission that he is featured in and even in free play mode.

The game also features plenty to do like races, both on the ground and in the air, which can be won for extra vehicle unlocks or gold bricks. Similar to the “citizens in peril” concept, the game features Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, which every story level, hub mission, and around the city can be rescued, and Lee himself offers his voice and likeness, which for a geek like myself, and others, is a definite plus. Another addition is the use of Deadpool. While he is a character in the game, he’s used somewhat creatively. Deadpool narrates the handful of hub missions that take place within the city and the universe’s famous landmarks and similar to the red brick cheats comes along Deadpool bricks, which have the same effect. The game encourages you to use the bricks to get through the game and have fun with it.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes offers an abundance of things to do outside of the main story and not only offers plenty of replay value, but is fun for anyone of all ages, big or small, and whether you’re inner geek comes out by playing this game or not, and even if you’re playing by yourself or with a friend.