Ittle Dew ReviewIttle Dew Review

Ittle Dew Review

Ittle Dew is the latest creation from Swedish studio Ludosity. Ludosity originally released Ittle Dew in 2013 for PC and tablets, but it has just recently found its way onto Nintendo’s Wii U eShop. It is fitting for Ittle Dew to settle down on the Wii U because it shares many similarities to Nintendo’s Zelda franchise. From the puzzles, to the items, to the dungeons, there are many inspirations taken from an assortment of classic adventure games.

If you’ve played any of the classic Zelda games, you know what to expect in Ittle Dew. The difference between Ittle Dew and other games is that there’s a much larger focus on puzzle solving (specifically push-block puzzles), and that the entire adventure is boiled down to 3 different items. You’ll have the Fire Sword, a sword that lets you ignite bombs, unlit torches, and melt ice blocks; the portal wand will let you create blocks and swap positions with different items and enemies; finally, the ice wand will turn enemies into solid blocks that you’ll be able to use in your adventure. Because there are only three items, each one is used extensively throughout a handful of dungeons.

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Each of the three items that exist in Ittle Dew are designed to work with eachother effortlessly, but that does not mean it will be easy. At its heart, Ittle Dew is a puzzle game, and a damn good one at that. There are some really complicated puzzles that I still don’t know how to solve. These so-called “Professional Puzzles” and the “Master Dungeon” are perplexing to the fullest extent, which just leaves me clueless and questioning my intelligence. I didn’t even know I could warp myself across spikes by combining the ice and portal wands until the end of the game.

One thing that everyone should know about Ittle Dew is that it is extremely short. My first playthrough lasted approximately 2 hours, and many of the dungeons only consist of a few well-crafted puzzles because of it. However, Ittle Dew was created with speedrunning in mind. If you’re into speed running and have a nice head on your shoulders, the Professional Puzzles I mentioned earlier will help you bypass certain areas (and items!) altogether. I haven’t done it personally, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was possible to finish the game in under an hour. While it is a shame Ittle Dew is so short, there is an incentive to replay through the story with different puzzles.

I did encounter some stability issues on the Wii U version of the game. My game froze twice while fighting the final boss, which as I’m sure you can understand, is extremely frustrating considering the many stages the boss goes through. The second time was after I killed him and was about to open the chest containing my reward, it felt like the game was mocking me. There is also a stutter upon entering new areas which starts to get pretty distracting by the end of the game. Hopefully these issues can be fixed in a patch.

Buy, Try, or Avoid?

Ittle Dew is fun, challenging, and a pleasure to play. There are some real head crackers in here, especially in the Master Dungeon that will have you fawning over your controller wondering where you went wrong. Unfortunately, the adventure seems like it’s over before it even begins. Regardless, it is a fitting addition to the growing eShop library on Wii U. If you have extra cash to spend, I recommend giving Ittle Dew a try.