F1 2013 ReviewF1 2013 Review

F1 2013 Review

So last Friday (4th October) the latest edition to the official F1 game series was released, and if I were to describe it in one word I would say, intense. Why do I say that? Well because as long as you’ve got the equipment to do it right, and by that I don’t mean overalls and a helmet, I mean a stereo headset, a racing wheel, and a rig good enough to run it on at least high, you are in for the most intense racing experience in a long time! From sparks shooting from the car ahead into your visor, to a very anxious pit stop to make sure you don’t fall too far behind, this game is really a dramatic improvement from last years game.

On the Gameplay side of things I cant think of anything closer to driving an F1 car other then the real thing. The intense force feedback when turning over the curbs and the dramatic increase when opening the DRS or using kurs is just brilliant. They really have thought of every aspect from the real sport itself, if you take a corner too rough or don’t take care of your tires then you will have to pit a second time to avoid leaving the race in general, or if you decide to go for a completely different racing line to everyone else  then you will end up picking up marbles, which are basically little pieces of Rubber from other cars tires. Another thing I did notice is that if another racer accidentally rams into the back of you, you will see your character or the racer you’re racing as wave his arm in frustration. with all this realism considered, with tires that actually have a life, fuel that will be used, and front wings that can be smashed if you don’t look where you’re going, you can always make your way to that level with difficulty choices, which I think is handy, especially with my aggressive driving when all I want to do is have a chilled race with no worry of falling behind in the championship. Multiplayer has pretty much been the same for every year, it took a nice upgrade last year and its been improved this year, you have the option to go into what’s called a “multiplayer season” where you could go into full championship seasons with a friend online, you can race for the same team or different teams depending on how competitive you are, and you go through each race in the season and by the end of it, your points are added up and the winner will be decided. This is a great way to socialize on the game and makes the game much more fun to play and helps it appeal to more people.


A Brand new feature that has been added in this years game is a game mode called “F1 Classics”, which as you might of guessed is where you will have the chance to race in cars from the 1980’s and the 1990’s, this is a brilliant feature especially for all of the old school F1 fans, you can either race as your own character, or you can race as some of the classic racers such as Nigel Mansell. You can also race on some of the old tracks that are not used in the current season, this to me was a nice little feature to put into the game as it adds a bit of fun and really gives you an idea as to what technology they didn’t have back then.

Now I’d like to ramble on forever about how the graphics are absolutely astounding, but I would hate to bore you, I’m also not going to go into a massive amount of detail on the graphics of the cars, because they were perfect in last years game, from reflections of the surroundings and nearby cars, to rain droplets moving up the car as you race in the wet. I was more interested in what they did with the surroundings, the amount of detail they’ve put into the small things such as coats on chairs in the background in the pits, and the crowd cheering when you pass the finish line, to me it takes a lot more care and dedication to explore all aspects of the game in terms of graphics, they still have a few things to look at such as marbles on the track look 2D rather then 3D, and the pit crew look a bit rough and I think should be focused on a bit more. Overall I cant really dig at the great work they’ve done with the graphics in this game. Like last year the sound for this game is nicely done, the cars don’t sound identical to the real ones and the crowd seems a bit too in-sync to not sound robotic but the quality of the sound is brilliant and I think they’ve done a good job, but there is still room for improvement.


As this is a racing game, it doesn’t really have a meaningful story like GTA V that causes you to make a connection with the characters. What I will say is that it’s an incredibly competitive career, if you watch the F1 sport and you get worried for Lewis Hamilton because he’s not getting the points he needs, or you get irritated because Vettel is winning in every race, imagine how you would feel if you were in this position, every race you’re fighting for points to win the championships at the end of the season, and trying to perform your best so your team gives you the mechanical upgrades instead of your team mate. Every aspect of the real life sport, they’ve actually thought about and put into this game, it does seem a bit odd that you have the same voice on the radio for every team, I personally think they should hire a person for each team who have their own accent to make it seem a bit more real, so for example an Italian voice on the radio for the Ferrari team would be a nice addition to the career.


Generally I think this game is a must-buy if you’re into your F1, but I’ve had a lot of people say to me that they find it boring sometimes as you’re just going round the same track over and over again, which correct me if I’m wrong, is how all track racing games usually go. So if you’re the kind of person that likes it when interesting crashes happen during races or you like to have scenery and obstacles “need for speed” style, then I don’t think this game is really for you, but apart from that I think this game is a fun game to play with lots of intense moments and glorious winnings. Thank you for reading my review, I will be doing a video review on the sites YouTube channel soon.