Don’t Starve, it’s so Beautifully TwistedDon’t Starve, it’s so Beautifully Twisted

Don’t Starve, it’s so Beautifully Twisted

Don’t starve is a survival game depicted in Tim Burton-esque graphics style. It creates a world in which you must collect, kill,
capture and of course the ultimate goal, survive.

Before anything else is said I would like to say Don’t Starve is an incredible game, the look of the game is very unique and the mechanics also. In Don’t Starve there are a few basic things you have to keep on top off, this includes your Hunger level, your Sanity and your health. Other than that how you play is up to you - be aggressive, defensive or an insane gatherer however you want to play and progress is up to you. The game features a lot of repetition and resource gathering, your probably thinking that it means the game is tedious, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

While I was playing there was a real sense of urgency to gather what I could before night came (night being the most dangerous time) and needing to stay alive. Although artistically great, it was also quite dark, I guess you could call it beautifully twisted.

The first thing I noticed is the amount of resources required to build and stay alive. For example a lot of food is needed to be eaten in order to remain healthy and different foods are better than others at replenishing health. Crafting and Science are also a big part in this game with the first playable character being Wilson who is a young enthusiastic Scientist. Wilson is able to build a machine which in turn can build new items for you to use. I found the game gets gradually harder the more days you survive, however if played right you should be getting more advanced yourself.

It’s not just starving that can kill you it’s also being attacked. The game features many enemies that you will come across
including anthropomorphic pigs, insects and other wildlife. When I first started the game I was killed numerous times by the
wildlife. It came across as though I was even too weak to challenge them. This caused me many hours of stress as i found it hard to
proceed at times. In the game the night-time is the most dangerous, without a light source which is fire, you will die by being killed by a creature in the night. While picking flowers, vegetables and berries, picking rotten food or eating poisonous food can make you
ill and potentially kill you.

One thing that really stood out to me was the amount of things available to craft. I was unaware that this game was about crafting, I thought that it was mainly a resource gathering game, but it was soon made clear by the amount of crafting recipes,
that it was an integral part of the game. The idea of the game is to build up to a point where you are self efficient, and able
to survive without aimlessly wandering to far. You can build your own living area and farm off the land, build your own tools and ultimately…Don’t Starve!.

Oh, one last thing…Go for the eyes!