Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC ReviewDishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC Review

Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC Review

Player choice is something that made Dishonored such a special game when it released back in 2012. Being able to go about your mission objective in a permutation of ways was what made the game feel so unique. It was also something missing when The Knife of Dunwall released back in April. The missions seemed too straightforward with only a limited number of ways to carry out your objective. Fortunately player choice and more returns to The Brigmore Witches, an epic finale to Daud’s story.

The Brigmore Witches story picks up right after the events in The Knife of Dunwall. Your second in command has betrayed you, you’ve found out Delilah’s true identity, and you need to stop her before she carries out her evil plan. Now you need a boat to get to Delilah’s hideout, and the only people that can help are gang leaders that rule over a district in Dunwall. Fortunatley while this seems like an excuse for more Dishonored, this DLC immediately gives Daud more character than its predecessor. This time around you feel awesome playing as Dunwall’s most feared assassin and you come to understand his character more and why he’s at a moral crossroads.

The awesome gameplay from Dishonored also returns and doesn’t miss a beat in The Brigmore Witches. Each of the three levels feels unique in their own way and the level design is brilliant. The second level in particular has most of the aforementioned player choice, filled with optional tasks and multiple ways to go about each objective. The final level is also not only visually stunning and refreshing, but has some of Dishonored’s best level design making it difficult, but in the most enjoyable of ways. Expect each play through to take around three hours depending on play style.

Like in The Knife of Dunwall, added are a few new gadgets and powers to make Daud feel even more powerful. “Pull” is a new ability that at the first level allows you to pull inanimate objects towards you. This may sound useless, but is actually really helpful when you need to pull out whale oil tanks from walls of light or arc pylons but can’t get close enough without being seen. Once upgraded, Pull allows you to…well you guessed it, pull humans towards you. This can not only be useful for stealth kills from afar, but if used in a fight, useful when you need a human shield.

My only real problem with The Brigmore Witches was its overarching story. Sure, Daud’s path to redemption was cool, and Delilah’s story was interesting, but I couldn’t help but feel that a few missions were unnecessary towards the overall scope. Don’t get me wrong, more Dishonored is exactly what I want, but when I step back and look at it I question if these two separate pieces of content couldn’t be combined into one with a few of these missions not being present in the final product. Like I said, the second mission was awesome, but my goal felt like a fetch quest more than anything, for a person that didn’t necessarily need to be in the story in the first place. It’s hard not to question if some of these missions were tacked on to make Daud’s story two episodes instead of a standalone.

For a ten-dollar admission The Brigmore Witches is a definite buy if you’re aching for more Dishonored. Sure, when you step back some of the overarching story seems unnecessary, but the great gameplay and level design is as good as ever and makes me want to keep playing. The Brigmore Witches is not only an epic finale to Daud’s journey, but also a worthy final DLC to one of 2012’s best games.