Contagion Preview

Contagion is a new game from the creators of Zombie Panic: Source (Monochrome LLC), who recently had a successful Kickstarter campaign for their game and is set to release as early access 25th October on steam.

In the game you can choose between 6 out of 8 characters to play as, there are 3 different maps and 3 game-modes.


In this game-mode there is a standard player vs player (PvP) with a little twist, there are zombie AI walking around so one has to make sure not to alert any zombies as other humans may see this and know your location.


In this game-mode you and your team need to find survivors hiding inside houses, secure the house and wait for extraction, while you wait, hordes of zombies will try to breach the house and kill you and your survivors. When it is time to extract you will be alerted on your phone and you and your team must bring the survivors to safety.


In this game-mode you and your team need to escape, in this case it will be escaping from a building. There will be a lot of obstacle’s around the map which you and your team will need to overcome in order to escape. This will range from putting out fires and using bolt-cutters on doors. Keep a look out on your phone at all times as it displays what to do next.

For an early access game it is very impressive, the game is fully playable with minimal bugs, I have enjoyed this game for hours already and will still have many more hours of fun. If you are unsure if this is a game for you, i urge you to check out Zombie Panic: Source as it is a very similar game and I can guarantee you that if you like Zombie Panic: Source, then you will also love this game.