CastleStorm: From Outcast to Savior ReviewCastleStorm: From Outcast to Savior Review

CastleStorm: From Outcast to Savior Review

If you’ve read my review for CastleStorm, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of it. The whole tower defense, castle building, and resource management is both fun yet strategic. Yet if you’ve played through the entire game and have fully upgraded all of your units and rooms, you may be itching for some new content. Well, luckly for you, CastleStorm’s first piece of DLC, From Outcast to Savior, has released on Nintendo’s Wii U eShop. For a mere $2.99, you’ll gain access to another full campaign, a new faction, spells, and catapults. This bite-sized DLC is the perfect price for the amount of content you get, and is easily worth hours of castle storming fun.

The main draw in From Outcast to Savior is the new story campaign, told from the point of view of the Royal Guard. I won’t spoil anything, but it stars an unlikely hero (who wears a very fashionable bag over his head) who gets caught up in the Kingdom’s Royal Guard. That’s a bit vague, but trust me, the humor from the original game is still present in the brief cutscenes in between levels. You’ll go through quite a few different scenarios which range from survival to skirmishes to everything in between.

Command a new Faction

The royal guard gets a host of new goodies to experiment with. There’s several new catapults, such as the Iron Fist which is useful for busting down gates, and the Carpet Bomb that decimates anything under it. Also added are several new spells ranging from angels coming down from the heavens and destroying everything in sight to summoning other knights to fight for you. These give the game an extra bit of variety when choosing how to play.

I found from Outcast to Savior to be extremely difficult compared compared to the base game. There’s a definite difficulty progression throughout the 2 dozen or so scenarios you’ll be storming. I actually had to grind a bit to make some extra money to upgrade my units and rooms so I could even stand a chance in some levels. One in particular was extremely difficult, requiring me to defend myself for 10 minutes against a constant barrage of soldiers.

The only thing I would really like to see from this DLC is a couple new castle rooms and new units. Then again, the DLC isn’t even $3 so there’s not a whole lot of room to criticize. In the end, everything that CastleStorm: From Outcast to Savior includes improves the game. If you own CastleStorm, especially on the Wii U, I highly suggest you go ahead and pick up the DLC as soon as possible.