Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds ReviewBioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds Review

Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds Review

I thought that BioShock: Infinite was the best of the trilogy, just, as all three were amazing games each in their own way. I found that the combat in Infinite, combining guns and melee with Vigors, it was fun and interesting. Booker helped with his comments and converse mid-battle with Elizabeth. All in all I really enjoyed the game.

Irrational Games have announced that they are releasing three DLC for Infinite; Clash In The Clouds (CitC), Burial At Sea Parts 1 & 2. In this review I am going to look at the first of DLC which is Clash In The Clouds.

Clash in the Clouds is primarily a combat based DLC. There are 4 arenas that are used: Ops Zeal based in Finkton, the smallest of the four arenas crisscrossed with Sky-Lines. Then there’s the Duke & Dimwit arena set in Soldiers Field with rooftops and floating barges. Ravens Dome is the next arena and is very similar to when Booker emerges from the Cathedral like building when you first land in Columbia. Lastly is Emporia Arcade, which is set in the upmarket commercial district. There are quite a few missions using various arenas.

Now, the aim of the game is to complete all four arenas using your melee, guns and Vigors in experimental and imaginative ways. You have a Bulletstorm style points system which rewards you for imaginative kills. You can receive bonus Dollars by killing using Sky-Lines, Tears and the environment. There are also Blue Ribbons Challenges. These give you bonuses if you meet the requirements, i.e. dealing with a wave of enemies using only head shots, or not shooting in the head or heart (Which is a b*tch when facing Handymen).

The enemies attack in waves. Waves start out fairly simple, with basic soldiers, but soon you’re facing Handymen and Firemen and other tough cookies. But it’s fun, honest….

Between missions there is the hub called The Columbia Historical Society. You’re teleported here between missions so you can swap weapons, purchase new upgrades and Vigors. It is also a beautifully constructed building where you can buy life size character models, concept art and playable songs that you hear throughout the original BioShock: Infinite. There is also Voxophones that tell you more about Columbia and its ‘interesting’ characters.

I vastly enjoyed Bioshock: Infinite, everything about it, but for me CitC isn’t the best of the DLC, I prefer DLC that is story drive. For example, Burial At Sea, this is based in Rapture, set on New Years Eve, before the demise of Andrew Ryan’s utopia. For me it is a stop gap till Burial At Sea, I didn’t enjoy it too much. I’ve experienced similar modes in Unchartered 2 & Mass Effect 3. If you enjoyed the modes in the before mentioned games then I would recommend purchasing this DLC. For £3.99 you cannot go wrong if you enjoyed and miss the combat.

For me, the next big thing is Burial At Sea.