Batman Arkham Origins - What we know and what to expect

As you all may know, on the 25th October, the new installment to the Batman Arkham franchise “Batman Arkham Origins” is being released, and frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a game release, and I will definitely be covering it at this years Euro gamer expo, but until then I’m just going to be talking about a few things that we know about the game and my thoughts on it.


First of all, this game is in-fact set before the previous games, and when Batman was fighting crimes in gotham city, and before everything kicked of at Arkham asylum and Arkham city, and when he was having to deal with Black Mask, Death-stoke etc, and before all of this, he apparently had a much more evolved suit that looks more like the suit that you see in the Dark Knight trilogy. Its also worth saying that if you played the Arkham city dlc “Harley Quinn’s revenge” where Harley was getting revenge on Jokers death, we still don’t know what happened to Batman in that building, so I think thats why they’re basing this game several years before that event, just to keep the tension and the anxiety of waiting, high, just that little bit longer.

The main enemy in this new game seems to be black mask as he looks to be the guy behind all of the murders and the head of organized crime, but physically it looks like batman will have to watch his back for Deadshot and Deathstroke, this got given away when Rocksteady studios released the first reveal trailer, but they do have a few wallpapers and logs of enemies on their website such as joker, penguin and Bain, so don’t hold that against me.


judging by some of the wallpapers and some of the rumors that are floating around on this game, i think it will be based around how Batman got all of the criminals into Blackgate prison, one by one, and there are only a few criminals left to take down, I think they will be Deathstroke, Deadshot and Blackmask, I cant see joker being a massive part of the game as he has been for the previous two. But I do think that batman will have a lot of work on his hands with Blackmask’s thugs after him all the time and being in Deadshots sights all the time.


Overall I have very high expectations of this new installment to the Batman Arkham franchise and I would advise everyone to to pre-order it as soon as possible because theres a good chance that this game will be sold out with in a day of release, I cant wait for it and you should all definitely expect a review to be released in the first two days of the game release.