Assassin s Creed Liberation HD ReviewAssassin s Creed Liberation HD Review

Assassin s Creed Liberation HD Review

Assassin s Creed Liberation HD Review

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. The famous phrase that the assassins keep by. Here we are with yet another Assassin s Creed game and this time we are given two different elements; you re playing as a female assassin Aveline de Grandpre and instead of making an original game this is a high definition remake of the Playstation Vita installment. The game takes place in Louisiana during the French and Indian war in which the French lost and the Spanish took over the city of New Orleans.

Game play

The game plays like any Assassin s Creed does, when going in one direction the game runs very smoothly and is greatly improved from the Vita version. However the game play has the normal Assassin s Creed problems such as when free running you could be running on the ground and end up climbing up a building you didn t want to climb up and due to this can cause desynchronisation which can be frustrating.

The game as always is open world, giving you the ability to travel to different places at any time. Loading times, one of the most annoying aspects of some games, is one area Liberation does not suffer from. There are minimal loading screens and the major ones are only when going into a new sequence so there are no complaints there. There are only two features that stand out in the game play which is the shipping mini game in Aveline s warehouse, you buy a ship in a certain part of the world for example Havana, Liverpool or Bridgetown and buy goods to sell to over places of the world and make good profits. I found this to be quite fun when needing more money. The second feature being able to play as three different personas; the assassin which is your normal attire, the slave attire which can free run but not as strong as the assassin, and finally the lady persona, she cannot free fun or steal, but if triggered can fight enemies. You buy and get changed into these personas using dressing chambers. Being able to play as these three personas is different and fun being able to experience the different play styles of each one.


Now on to how the game looks, due to this game being a remake and using high definition it just makes the graphics more visible and not in a good way. Character models look like clay and isn t the best graphics so the detail isn t its strong factor, however the views from the viewpoints make up for this problem as you see the quality of graphics looking over the city which is always where the Assassin s Creed franchise comes to life. The world map is normal for the Assassin s Creed franchise, it looks great from afar and is great close up too however it doesn t lock onto the viewpoints or dressing chambers which can be annoying but can be worked with. The art style of the game is the same as any Assassin s Creed game so it is well designed and put into detail where it is needed. The water can be a real problem in some games but this game doesn t suffer with this so swimming is easy and doesn t end up putting you out of the map or game play. The blood when you get punched is very over dramatic, there is enough blood that you would of thought you had been cut open with a sword or a spear!


Single Player/Story

The story of Assassin s Creed Liberation is a great one, it is shown in a way where you understand and feel the pain of the characters, and the struggle of seeing Aveline losing her mum is a very emotional moment for a game. Being able to make a difference for the good of the slaves gives you a feeling of doing well for the people. When it comes to the main voice actors they were done greatly and kudos to them for making it sound real. However when it comes to the non main character voice actors it sounds rushed and not enough effort was put into these characters to make the game more believable.

The cinematics are done very well and are as much fun to watch as it is to play the game. When playing the game and the cinematic starts it feels like you have made that happen and everything you ve done in the game has lead to that clip. There is a particular clip when you re running after your mentor Agate, and instead of killing him you leave him and in frustration and sadness he purposely drops off a high ledge and Aveline is only fast enough to grab his necklace and you just feel the sadness surround you.


Liberation is not a very long game, most Assassin s Creed games have at least thirteen sequences but there are only nine so there is not much gaming in terms of story missions, however you can replay any sequence or memory when you are not in a mission so you can play the mission as many times as you like. So if you like that particular mission you can replay it or if you re going for the 100% sync you can replay the mission. As a whole I could only play this game once, it will keep you entertained by its easy to play game play, its great story and cinematic and won t let you down in the major areas gamers look for. As for glitches or bugs I only came across one glitch, but you have to be so precise to be able to make it possible, I jumped into a pond and walked on to the ground and I levitated and started swimming every where even though I was in the air. No multiplayer component is present in Liberation.


Overall this game is an amazing game with their great features but it gets brought down for the bad features. However for the price you can get this game for it s hard to miss it and I suggest buying it. As for the trophies/achievements of this game I would rate them 4/10 in difficulty so you should not have a problem for getting these.