Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden Review

by on November 27, 2015

Easy to pick up and play if you are a first timer or a nostalgic fan of the franchise.

Fun to play with local friends.

2 new time distortion stories that are new.

Great graphics and music


All the characters have their Japanese voice actors. So sorry no English voices for nostalgic fans.

No online multi player.

Z support characters do little damage and gives the player a lag when using more than 1 character.

Most of the attacks are the same for all the characters.

Bottom Line

Dragon Ball Extreme Butoden is an enjoyable experience for fans if they spend it versing friends in this 2d fighting game. The game has a unique way unlike any other DragonBall game using support characters while fighting. You can pass up on it since it has the same similar story line just like other Dragon Ball games but it does have 1 different story that makes up for the lack of 1. It's still fun nevertheless to play if that is what you are looking for.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse is my favorite in the franchise even if they didn’t do this one. Being a fighting game it can provide countless hours of game play for 3ds users or Dragon Ball fans fighting with their friends locally. However Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden is a step in the right direction, but it still isn’t the 2D fighting game that the series deserves. Developed by Arc System Works, the veteran fighting studio behind well received series such as BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, it seemed like Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden could be a breakthrough. But is it?

Lets delve deeper and see if Dragon Ball Extreme Butoden is worth picking up.


The graphics look amazing and it doesn’t matter if you are looking at the character designs or if you are taking in the backgrounds.

What makes Dragon Ball games? The music. Extreme Butoden sticks to the standers by having an awesome soundtrack and it’s something you can try to enjoy while fighting or you can be like me,  not touch your 3ds for a while and just leave the music on and enjoy it to the fullest.

The story doesn’t have much for new comers but for nostalgic fans it works. You get to play the classic story line from the Dragon Ball Z series as you fight against the sayians, have some fights from the the Frieza, Cell and Buu sagas however, there are only ten fights in each arc for each character which can wrap up story mode pretty fast. But you do get to unlock a few new characters and more stories for certain characters. This means Krillin can finally save the world without getting pawned all the time and be a true hero. Now only if Hercule was a playable character than he too could have been a true hero.

However like Xenoverse, you do get an arc in story mode that time is disordered and you get to play as the villains and seek your revenge on the Z team.

The controls are basic with your light, heavy attacks and than you have the ki blasts. The attacks seem the same with punches and kicks with combos that can be done for each character. Besides the special ki attacks which vary for characters. The game is easy and anyone can play this button basher.

There is still plenty to do with over 15 characters to unlock. In Adventure Mode will play as Goku and given the task of defeating enemies, but there are also side objectives that can be completed to unlock new Z Assist characters. These Z Assist characters can be summoned into battle for a brief amount of time. They mostly jump onto the screen, do an attack, and quickly vanish.

However there is a downside to using it which gives you a lag if you pick more than 1 character, since you can’t have that many characters on the screen, and from experience doesn’t do that much damage. But it does give those characters more screen time which could be a plus.

The downside that you have in the game is that there is no multi player option so there is no way of battling other players online around the world. You can only verse your local friends who have the game.

Dragon Ball Extreme Butoden seems like a good foundation if a sequel is ever made and could be used to make a better Dragon Ball Z game. The game is a step in the right direction and hope one day it can be the game Dragon Ball fans deserve.