Respawn explains why Titanfall is 48GB on PC

Respawn has explained that Titanfall is 48GB on PC, in comparison to just 17GB on the Xbox One, due to a 35GB collection of uncompressed audio files.

Richard Baker, the studio’s Lead Engineer, told Eurogamer that the game has approximately 35GB of uncompressed audio in the PC version of the game. Decoding audio takes up a sizeable amount of the processing in Titanfall, and the reason behind the uncompressed audio on the PC is so that the CPU does not have to decompress the audio, thus making the game run faster on slower systems. The Xbox One has a built-in audio decoder built into the hardware of the system.

“We have audio we either download or install from the disc, then we uncompress it. We probably could have had audio decompress off disc but we were a little worried about min spec and the fact that a two-core machine would dedicate a huge chunk of one core to just decompressing audio.”

Source: Eurogamer