Resident Evil 2 Remake Petition Reaches 30,000 Signatures

For Resident Evil fans everywhere, myself included, it’s no secret that we’ve envisioned a high-definition remake of one of the greatest survival horror games of all time. The thought of seeing Raccoon City and its undead inhabitants remastered in stunning detail, along with the game’s main co-stars Leon S. Kennedy and Claire S. Redfield, would undoubtedly send fans everywhere into an “infectious” frenzy. (Sorry, I had to.)

The Resident Evil series is already no stranger to “HD remakes”. Resident Evil 1 (1996), also incredibly popular, was remade and released on the Nintendo Gamecube in 2002 to no doubt surprising acclaim. IGN gave the game a rating of 9.0. Many players and critics alike described the game as “absolutely stunning”, and that “it’s still a match for the modern sequels being produced today”.

Later in 2007, Capcom released a different kind of HD remake on the Nintendo Wii called Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. At that time, Nintendo began attempting to cater to a bigger demographic of gamers by releasing more action and horror games on their new console.

The Umbrella Chronicles takes on several different plot scenarios from the games Resident Evil 0 through Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, all in far higher definition than their original predecessors. In terms of gameplay it’s an “on-rails shooter”, which basically means that movement of the character is strictly controlled on a predetermined path. Your main point of liberty is aiming and shooting wherever enemies appear around you. This adds a surprisingly scary element to the game, rather than it being a setback. The game sold considerably well and got many positive reviews from fans everywhere.

In 2009, Capcom followed up their first Wii success with another high definition sequel called Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Another on-rails shooter, DC focused primarily on character stories around Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica. For those familiar with the events of Resident Evil 4, the Darkside Chronicles also satisfies a major character development plot hole from that game between Leon Kennedy and Jack Krauser. Like the previous title, this game also sold pretty well.

So in light of all of these remastered classic RE games, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see another one in the pipeline. However, it’s important to also note that fans and Capcom alike have been hinting at this dream project for a long time. The petition for support of a remake was originally posted online September 27, 2012, with an initially goal of 10,000 signatures. When that milestone was reached, Capcom, raised the stakes to 15,000, then to 20,000 by the end of October. The petition has since surpassed 30,000 signatures, and Capcom has yet to make any major announcements regarding this outpour of support. Perhaps it’s not enough for them to seriously consider production? Perhaps it was more of an experiment to see, statistically, how many people would respond to the idea. No doubt if they kept raising the number, more people would flock, right? Or is the slow down of signatures sending another message?

It’s very difficult to tell where this petition could lead, but personally I think it isn’t meant to be seriously considered. 30,000 is a small number, especially in the scope of business. You can’t really do much with that. If they wanted a realistic projection, I think that they should have originally made the stakes very high, at least at 100,000. Each person that signs is a potential buyer, and of course they would want way more than thirty-thousand buyers.

At this point, I think the Resident Evil 2 Remake “project” is suffering from Final Fantasy VII Remake Syndrome. It’s something that’s been hinted at for the past few years, and Square Enix has done little more than drop teaseful, imaginative concept art, nothing beyond. They come back once in a blue moon to remind us that the idea still exists, we get hyped, and then with time it dies off again. Somehow I see this happening with Capcom. Though they’ve delivered a fair share of remakes, putting their most prized game title back into the cooking pot is understandably something they may not be eager to do. Is a remake worth the risk?

While many remastered games in the market have sold well, some don’t sell so well. The infamous Silent Hill: HD Collection unfortunately fell into that category. Numerous staff and budget conflicts at Konami coupled with scraps of the original game code made for a hot disaster that did not sell well at all. Those that did buy it, myself included, were quickly disappointed. Sound and graphic glitches plagued both Silent Hill 2 and 3 to the point of utter outrage. I traded mine back in shortly after completing one round of SH2. Other HD Collections, such as Metal Gear, didn’t necessarily have problems, but their sales were nothing to write home about. Some players simply prefer keeping the original release games. This likely also affects Capcom, who has arguably been viewed as a profit-driven company.

All in all, it’s tough to say what will come of this petition. What do you all think might happen? Do you think an HD remake of Resident Evil 2 should be made? After the flop of Resident Evil 6, would it rescue Capcom’s reputation?


  • s4ndm4n2006

    “after the flop of Resident Evil 6…” I’m pretty sure although it didn’t meet sales expectations it’s far from a flop. Just because there’s a lot of criticism of it doesn’t make it a complete failure. Gotta love general overstatements like this. I quite enjoy RE6 and have many friends that do.
    On the main note, I think it would be nice if they make an HD remake, but not to rescue them. Capcom is far from falling from grace. o.O

  • Andrew Vallis

    I think you’ll find many long-time fans of the series were disgusted with RE6, including myself. Even RE5 was a let down compared to the previous titles. They moved away from survival horror in aims to make a more action-based game, and didn’t do that well.

    Sale expectations, or sales in general, don’t reflect a games quality. People will still buy it, otherwise they wouldn’t know it was bad. Its not just a hate bandwagon, its fans being disappointed by frankly a very poor title.

  • hyperkyd5

    Resident Evil has gone downhill this is for sure but where RE5 failed, Revelations and RE6 surpassed. Resident Evil Revelations was a HUGE step in the right direction with the same feel that fans have known and grown to love, an improved Dead Aim of sorts. I have played and own EVERY single Resident Evil that is out there from the main series of 0-6 to the outbreaks and side series. In revelations they had the suspense and true survival horror aspect that made it worth while. Resident Evil 6 was,compared to 5, a huge improvement. RE5 had people who loved the action horror aspect and areas long time fans could enjoy, but it was too actioney for the title it was placed under. Resident evil 6 had the same action areas in 1 of the campaigns while the other 2 campaigns were based more on stealth and survival. These are things any TRUE Resident Evil fan would admit to.

    I bet you anything that if Resident Evil 5 was under a different name….it would not be dumped on as much. Resident Evil is a series that is looked to in every current horror series. Dead Space,Breakdown, F.E.A.R. and even the Darkness all took bits and pieces from Resident Evil.

    Point is Resident Evil, as with any series, goes up and down to try and match today’s standards. If Resident Evil 2 had been remade years ago similar to RE1 and put on more systems than just the Wii or Gamecube, kids would actually know what true survival horror is instead of thinking it is just stuff like Left 4 Dead or Jericho and Capcom wouldnt have to try as hard as it has been to make it so that long time fans can appreciate it and new gamers could enjoy it.

  • Andrew Vallis

    Can’t help but agree with most things you say. On Resident Evil 6, it wasn’t a step up for the series. It didn’t contain the horror and survival the RE5 lacked, and it ripped the Action-orientated control scheme out the window for an even more hated system.

    I’m all for the resident evil series, and summarising people who aren’t as ‘kids’ who only like specific games is quite frankly rude. Resident Evil hasnt been the same since RE4, however I did find some good fun in RE5. I cannot say the same for any later titles, as they seemed to have forgotten the original games directions, whilst removing any actual improvements they made.

  • hyperkyd5

    I am saying the current generation of gamers,many of which who are kids….do not know a TRUE resident evil or survival horror video game. I work at gamestop and I see more people sell their systems from the ages of 30-50 all the time because they dont game and even more new gamers from 13-29 many of which who have asked what the umbrella logo on my shirt means. As for Resident Evil 6, Chris’s campaign yes was the same as Resident Evil 5 and much of Jake’s campaign as well. Leon however his campaign was exactly what the series needed which it is why it is the first one any should start with. Resident Evil 4 was also not the had a good sum of horror in its action mostly because of the dark.

  • Andrew Vallis

    I’ll leave this at agreeing to disagree 🙂 I’m glad you got enjoyment out of the game, because I don’t even think I got my moneys worth, and have returned it. The story can only be so good if there is good gameplay to back it up.