Reports suggest Apple & Google now rejecting Flappy Bird clones

According to various reports from developers, both Apple and Google are rejecting Flappy Bird clones after the hugely popular game was removed by its Vietnamese creator Dong Nguyen last week. Apple are rejecting the clones on the grounds that they “leverage a popular app”, while Google are reportedly rejecting them by classing them as “spam”.

However games which are very similar to Flappy Bird which are already on both Apple and Googles app store have remained unaffected, with both companies seemingly only rejecting new submissions.

One mobile developer, Ken Carpenter, took to Twitter so show his frustration at having his app, Flappy Dragon, rejected. “We found your app name attempts to leverage a popular app,” he was told by Apple. “Which app?” he replied, “Flappy Bird doesn’t exist!?!?!”

Along with Apple, Google also rejected Flappy Dragon. “There was no ‘Fair Warning’ email, which Google claims to send before taking such actions,” Carpenter continued. “I checked and rechecked my spam folder to be sure. They just arbitrarily removed the app with no warning. The message they sent me simply referenced the ‘spam’ provision of the Google Play terms and did not specifically call out what my transgression was.”

Another developer, Paul Pridham also commented on Twitter after he had his love-craft themed FlapThulhu: Flappy Madness also rejected.


Source: *Eurogamer

Via: *Polygon