Release Date for Thief Announced

Looking forward to this big next-gen title? You now have a date you can pencil in on your calendars.

Square Enix just announced the official Release Date for Thief, and graciously posted pictures of the box art along with a new trailer for the game from Gamescom. The series reboot, courtesy of Eidos Montreal, will hit stores in North America on February 25th of next year, and Europe right after on February 28th.

It will be released simultaneously on all consoles, including not only Playstation 4 and Xbox One, but the current-gen consoles as well, including PC. So if you plan to still keep your 360 or PS3 for at least awhile longer, you’ll still be in luck to catch this awesome looking game.

What are your thoughts on the game up to now? Excited? Skeptical? Think it will live up to the originals?

In the mean time, check out the new trailer!