Redneck Revenge Review

At a glance this might seem like a game trying to cash in on the Post apocalyptic fad, and it is. Redneck Revenge is just another Zombie survival game. Its like the Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies app but with a Arcade feel, 2D platforming and cheaply made. There is no innovation with this game, its the same select-a-gun, move and shoot. The game isn’t all bad though! It is very fun to play and shows its individuality in other ways.


The game is very arcadey. The developer’s vision was to make this fun not realistic. Everything from the environments, characters, guns and even the zombies. Other than that, the graphics themselves are crisp but they might be better or worse depending on your phone. I used a Samsung Galaxy S3.


The sound basically consists of a few instrumentals of what seemed to be rock (I’m a hip-hop person so i wouldn’t know) and a few instrumentals of country music. These guns do have individual sounds, as the M16 doesn’t sound the spud gun but they still sound very arcadey.



The combat is where R.R shows its individuality. There are 2 modes, Campaign and survival. In survival you are placed in the back of the 6_redneck_revenge_a_zombie_roadtripmap and have to fight off waves of zombies.  The regular zombie are fairly easy to kill, which accounts for most of the wave. Then there are what i like to call semi-boss’ which are harder to fight then regular zombies but not as hard as the boss’ . They finally comes the mother of them all , the boss, which signifies the end of the wave.  You can change guns at any time during the wave, which they have a wide variety of. From real guns such as the M16 and revolver to guns like the spud gun and more. They also have these power-ups that are quite funny and useful. They are really meant to help you with the harder waves, and bosses but can be used at any time. There are a few options to choose from, a redneck grandpa with his shotgun of course, a flock of kamikaze ducks, a killer whale and stamped of pigs.


In the campaign there are 4 worlds with around 3 -4 missions inside them. They’re simple plots such as escape this bar or reach the end of the freeway. You can beat this in 25-35 min playing for fun and 15-20 gaming. Everything else is the same as the survival. You can change guns at any time and deploy power ups.


While this game is fun, it has a lot of bugs. Sometimes the game fails to launch, sending me back to my homepage. Other times it will exit out of the game during game-play. This REALLY annoyed me. One example is when i was beating my high score the game suddenly exited to the home page. Also the app can be slow to respond during menu. There are other small bugs but these were the major problems. The game without all these bugs would have scored a 7.5.

In-app Purchases

This game like most others encourages in-app purchases. While this is not mandatory it does make the experience more fun. One thing that i liked about this game is that it didn’t push me to buy from the store, like many other games where there is ad after ad.


Written by Sarosh Zuberi