Redeem PS4 PS Plus Games Without Owning a PS4

Maybe your waiting a while before you decide to buy your PlayStation 4 as you may be wary of its day one problems and want to see what more it can offer a few months down the line with extra features and apps being added in the next few months. Maybe that is a smart choice, but why should you miss out on a whole host of free games that you can redeem now and they will be sitting there waiting for you to play once you eventually get your Playstation 4. Here is how you do it.

First your going to need a PS Plus subscription. If you’re a PlayStation owner and you don’t have one, get one as you are missing out on a whole host of free games not only on PS4 but also on PS3 and the Vita. For €59.99 a year you get at least two free games a month depending on the amount of systems you own. Once you have that sorted you need to go to the PlayStation Store of your region and log in with your PSN ID. From here go to the PS Plus part of the store and simply add the free PS4 games into your cart and go to the checkout and confirm your purchase. As long as you have picked the free games there should be no charge. You can do this every month until you get your PS4 and have a great library of games saved up to play.


The free games you can bag this month are Contrast and Resogun. In Contrast you solve mind bending-puzzles in a 1920’s film noire inspired almost-reality as the imaginary friend of a little girl called Didi. In Resogun you use lasers, missiles, nova bombs and a whole lot more to save the last humans in this intense shoot-em-up from the creators of Super Stardust and Dead Nation. Resogun is probably the pick of the two here but both of them are great games and there is no point in you missing out on picking up both these titles for free with or without a PS4.

Written by Blain O Neil