Red Dead Redemption Sequel hinted at by Take-Two

During an Investor call, CEO of Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick, dropped the biggest hint yet that we will someday see a sequel to the hugely successful Red Dead Redemption. He stated that their aim is to create permanent franchises, citing Borderlands, Bioshock and of course Red Read as such examples, alongside Grand Theft Auto.

Zelnich stated “Our goal is to try to create permanent franchises, that’s the unique goal in the industry.

“Our competitors do not see it that way. Our competitors’ view is that our franchise will have a certain life, and at the end of that life, you move onto the next thing, so you better make hay while the sun shines. Our view is to the contrary. The best franchises are permanent franchises.

“Outside of our business you can look at James Bond, for example. And it’s been our goal not just to preserve and grow the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but also to build other franchises that we think can be permanent, whether that’s the Red Dead franchise or the Borderlands franchise or the BioShock franchise or others, Civilization, for example.”

While no official announcement has been made by either Rockstar or Take-Two regarding a successor to Red Dead Redemption, this is just one of a number of hints which suggest that one may well see the light of day. The fact that they regard the franchise as one of it’s “permanent franchises” suggests that they have further plans for it.

Last year, Rockstar fueled further speculation that a sequel was in the pipeline by asking fans to “stay tuned for further announcements about the future of the Red Dead series”. They also stated that they were keen to revisit the series.