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We are always on the look out for new writers to join our ranks. Check below for our latest vacancies. If we have no vacancies but you still feel you have something to offer us, feel free to send us a message below!


Current Available Positions:


News Writers

You will be responsible for posting the latest news in the gaming industry as soon as it breaks. News will need to be sourced from various outlets and websites as well as developers and publishers themselves.

News articles will typically be short, rarely going beyond 300-400 words. However news articles will need to be provided in a timely manner and in quantity. If a story hasn’t yet been covered or there is more information to be gathered, the Editor or Assistant Editor may assign you to a specific story to expand upon it, provide analysis or contact the developers/sources.

There will be the opportunity to advance to an Editor or Assistant Editor under the news Division.

What we expect:  We expect News Writers to post news articles at least every other day, although ideally you will post several articles a day. We will have several news writers to share the load however.


Reviewers will review the latest games. If you love reviewing games and can write interesting, informative and engaging reviews, we want to hear from you!

We have an updated review schedule which will be made available to everyone. Along with this, we also have a Review Policy and Review Standardization which must be followed. The Editor and Assistant Editor will be responsible for making sure this is followed as well as updating the review schedule.

Reviewers will also be able to receive review copies for games they wish to cover.

Indie Spotlight Writers

You will be responsible for helping create content related to our “Indie Spotlight” section on the site. This involves finding and covering the latest upcoming indie games and giving them some exposure.

This is a good division to be in if you wish to interview developers or do Q&A sessions. You may also get the chance to have previews or early builds of games as well as access to Alphas.

YouTube Content Creators

Who doesn’t enjoy watching videos? If you enjoy making them even more, then we are looking for people to help our YouTube channel grow! Our channel features video reviews of games, previews and unique series as well as general game-play.

You will need to have a likable personality, speak fluent English and be confident speaking on camera.

Previous experience working with YouTube and producing videos would be beneficial so if you feel you have what it takes, then please apply!

You will be working under our Media Division alongside our Media Editor and Assistant Editor who will welcome you to JumpToGamer and will be in charge of assigning you tasks and giving you ideas. However you will also have your own freedom to produce your own content.

All content is signed off by an Editor before published.


All positions are currently voluntary, however the opportunity of paid positions may arise. Those who contribute quality content on a regular basis will be offered payment for their work along with the chance to progress within the site and as a journalist.


  • Minimum Age Requirement of 1
  • You must be fluent in English
  • Highly motivated and a hard worker
  • Dedicated and able to meet deadlines