Rayman Legends Released on Next Gen

Today, Ubisoft have announced that Rayman Legends is now available on both of the next generation consoles in the United States, and that the critically acclaimed platformer will be available in the UK from the 21st.

Rayman Legends originally launched in 2013 for the Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita and PC. The game was met with great responses and was praised for its originality and beautiful aesthetics. You can certainly expect a visual experience closer to that of the PC version than on the other hardware platforms.

Both next generation editions of this game carry exclusive content, with the Xbox One edition of the game containing two exclusive characters based on the infamous Far Cry 3 villain, Ray Vaas and Far Glob - as well as Splinter Ray, inspired by Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher. PlayStation 4 users will be able to gain access to Assassin Ray, inspired by Edward Kenway from the most recent Assassin’s Creed title. Both platforms will also include a new VIP status and hero, Champion Ray, which will be granted to the most active and highest-ranked players in the Online Challenges, as well as to players who are actively involved in the Rayman Legends community.

Each console will also have a set of exclusive gameplay features. The Xbox One version will include 10 exclusive challenges to unlock new achievements. These challenges require you to perform specific actions during a limited amount of time and are associated with various aspects of the game, such as player skills, co-op play, Kung Foot, and more. The PlayStation 4 will allow use of the controller’s touchpad for actions such as scratching Lucky Tickets, as well as a new Camera Mode. In this mode, players use the touchpad to freeze the screen and zoom in and out of the picture.  Rayman Legends on PS4 will also support Remote Play so you can continue playing from your PS Vita while the TV is turned off.