PSN Passwords Reset by Sony

Sony has forced an undisclosed number of PSN user’s to reset their passwords following a security scare on the network. Sony has claimed that there is “no specific evidence” to suggest a breach in security, but they have rolled out mandatory password resets to affected users of PSN as they edge on the side of caution.

A Sony support coordinator stated on the PlayStation forums. “If you have been presented with an incorrect password message today simply select Forgotten Password and reset it,”

“We monitor PSN accounts for any irregular activity. If such activity is detected we will sometimes reset passwords. This was done purely as precautionary measure and there was no specific evidence that any accounts had be compromised.

“Only a small number of users were affected by this and as I said this was precautionary so there is nothing specific to worry about. I cant provide any further details as this would affect out ability to keep you guys safe.”

This wouldn’t be the first time however that Sony has suffered a security breach with regards to PlayStation Network. Many users will remember in 2011 when the Network was taken offline for a considerable amount of time following a breach.